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Switch Science launches Naoto64 development board: 1-bit CPU, 1-bit bus, frequency 1Hz, priced at 2500 yen

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Shulou( Report--, December 21 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- Education company Switch Science recently launched a development board called "Naoto64", which carries a 1-bit CPU running at about 1Hz and costs 2500 yen ( Note: currently about 124 yuan), but the related products have been sold out.

▲ source Switch Science official website (same as below)

It is reported that this development board has a USB-C interface for power supply, but its only use is to light up the three LED lights on the board. It is officially declared to be "the top low-performance computer in the world". collates the parameters of this development board as follows:

Project specification general register 1-bit address space 2-bit address bus width 1-bit ROM capacity 4-byte instruction set ADD, JMP program counter 1-bit computing power allows to calculate 1-bit addition CPU frequency 1 HzIC total 4 in addition, the official GitHub published the circuit diagram of this development board, and provides some instruction sets, interested partners can click to visit.

▲ diagram source GitHub (same below)

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