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Microsoft's official WinXP musical reappeared online: only one public performance lasted for 98 minutes

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, 2001, Microsoft officially released the WinXP system on October 25, 2001. when promoting the system in Israel, it held a 98-minute original musical with only one public performance.

Microsoft commissioned a professional company to create an "industrial musical" at that time, probably because the musical did not respond well, and the dance may not be acceptable to the audience, and Microsoft did not hold it any more. The video attached to is as follows:

Independent game developer DancingEngie shared information about WinXP musicals:

After Lior Tzoref (male host), vice president of marketing, met with producer Arik Schter, Schter came up with the idea of turning the promotion into a musical.

After Tzoref's approval, Schter began to press ahead with the project, reaching an agreement with Cinerama and bringing in a team of about 30 dancers, including Doron Medeli (the author and famous producer of Israeli European singing contest songs) to choreograph the process.

Haaretz, a local Israeli news media, has reported the content of the musical:

A boy with a Madonna microphone ran onto the stage, took off his shirt without warning and began to sing a rhythmic love song to the new operating system.

Then about 25 dancers rushed onto the stage, moving in Britney Spears style and shouting "Windows XP! It's full of surprises! Windows XP! Makes dreams come true! Windows XP! Every question has a thousand solutions!" (WinXP is full of surprises! WinXP makes dreams come true! WinXP has thousands of solutions to every problem! )

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