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Vicino announced that it is exclusively for Glory 90 GT Mobile Oasis Eye Protection screen: support 360 GT Oasis 176; self-adaptive dimming, sleep aid display

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Shulou( Report-- reported on December 22 that the Honor 90 GT phone was officially launched last night, with a price starting from 2699 yuan. Soon after, via official account, Vicino announced that it would separately supply the machine with Oasis eye protection screen, which is known as "strong screen performance", high picture quality, high refresh and more eye protection.

According to reports, the oasis eye protection screen equipped with this machine is a 6.7 inch 2664 × 1200 OLED flexible straight screen, which supports 120Hz refresh rate, 3840Hz high frequency PWM dimming, global peak brightness 1200nit, local peak brightness 2600nit, supports 1.07 billion colors, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, supports natural light protection, 360 °adaptive dimming technology, sleep-aiding display.

The machine claims to be the only straight-screen phone with zero risk dimming level in the industry. The natural light-like eye protection function can effectively reduce visual fatigue; the front and rear double sensors can faster identify the backlight scene and automatically adjust the screen brightness; hardware-level low blue light can filter harmful blue light; sleep-aiding display function can make the screen feel no blue light.

Comprehensive previously reported that Vicino had announced an oasis eye screen for the Glory 100 / Pro phone and carried it for the first time.

According to the first-half results released by Vicino in July this year, the company said its revenue range for the first half is expected to be 2.425 billion yuan to 2.725 billion yuan, down 20% to 29% from a year earlier, of which revenue is expected to reach 1.656 billion yuan to 1.956 billion yuan in the second quarter. an increase of 115% to 154% over the first quarter.

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