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Kingsoft Office announces integration of Python in WPS form component

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, Jinshan Office announced that its products WPS, the form components in Jinshan documents are natively integrated with Python, and open to all users. There is no need to set up a development environment, Python can be used in a few simple steps.

Users can now use Python by clicking PY Script Editor in the "Efficiency" entry at the top tab of "Smart Forms" and "Forms (Collaboration Mode)" of WPS and Kingsoft Documents. After completing code editing, click the "Run" button at the top of the edit bar to run the code.

Python is an object-oriented interpreted computer programming language that is widely used in artificial intelligence, data analysis, scientific computing, Web development, and software development. After integrating Python, it will greatly improve the ability of WPS table data processing, and realize many functions that were previously difficult to implement and impossible to implement in tables. For example, Python can be used for complex statistical analysis, advanced visualization, predictive analytics, machine learning, and more.

With PY Script Editor, WPS tables can be used to activate data originally isolated in individual documents through its built-in table reading and writing functions, and tasks such as summary analysis, table disassembly, and table consolidation can be easily realized.

Python libraries such as scikit-learn and statsmodels can be used to use popular machine learning and predictive analytics techniques to predict future weather, for example; Python libraries such as matplotlib, seaborn, pyecharts can also be used to create charts such as advanced line graphs, violin graphs, word clouds, and national population distribution maps.

Compared with Microsoft Office, WPS forms have a richer Python library built in, including but not limited to pandas, matplotlib, numpy, pytorch, akshare, etc. Users can click "Start from template" in "PY Script Editor" to call directly. At present, the Python library resources of WPS tables are still increasing.

It is worth mentioning that Python computing in WPS is based on cloud computing, so you can seamlessly interact with Python and refresh analysis results with document collaborators without worrying about the running environment or dealing with dependencies between various libraries. Jinshan Office said that traditional form documents also plan to integrate Python in the future. At present, traditional form documents must be switched to online collaboration mode to experience Python functions.

Previously, on November 16, WPS released the function of WPS AI for all users. Users can input requirements in natural language, and WPS AI can help us process manuscripts, write formulas, generate PPT with one click, etc. The PY Script Editor feature will also support AI natural language usage.

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