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On the first day of the launch of the vivo S18, 's mobile phone will be delivered within one hour without waiting for an order.

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On December 22, vivo S18 officially went on sale, with a price starting from 2299 yuan. If you want to get this new phone with excellent camera performance immediately on the day of sale, you can place an order through 's mobile phone by hour, and you don't have to wait for one hour of delivery, and the authentic product is guaranteed. Consumers can search for "Mobile hourly arrival" on the home page of App to enter the page, adjust the location to the receiving address, choose a store with goods nearby to place an order, and wait for the new machine to arrive.

The new phone can be received within one hour after placing an order on the day of sale, which is a pretty good experience for brand fans and users who want to replace it immediately. 's mobile phone can meet the needs of these consumers by the hour. mobile phone hour by the receiving address near the brand officially authorized store delivery, city distribution, authentic products are guaranteed. At the same time, users from placing an order to the merchant packaging, and then to the rider to pick up the order to the consumer, the whole process can be tracked online, real-time understanding of the delivery details, more at ease. Through cooperation with Mobile hourly reach, more mobile phone brands make efficient use of offline channels, and official authorized stores of mobile phone brands carry out distribution for local consumers nearby, further promoting the integration of online and offline consumption. Data show that in 2022, the number of mobile phone hourly orders increased by 100% compared with the same period last year, and the number of cooperative stores increased three times compared with the same period last year.

This time the vivo S18 has a brilliant performance, it is equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 7, built-in 5000mAh ultra-thin blue sea battery, support 80W flash charge, daily worry-free. In terms of screen, vivo S18 is equipped with 120Hz Chaoyang Eye Protection screen, which has passed three SGS professional eye protection certifications and is more eye-protecting. In terms of image, the vivo S18 has a front 5000 million wide-angle autofocus lens and a rear upgrade to a 1.55-inch super bottom, superimposed with OIS hummingbird super anti-shake technology, combined with studio-level portrait algorithm matrix and AI unit to achieve studio-level image quality, portrait photos are more excellent. At the same time, vivo S18 front wide-angle double soft light lamp, while adding screen soft light supplement light, rear studio-level soft halo, can be intelligently adjusted according to the distance of the portrait, and the photo lighting is more excellent.

Consumers who want to start with vivo S18 on the first day of sale can search for "Mobile hour reach" on the home page of App, adjust the location to the receiving address, and then search "vivo S18" in the search box to place an order. In addition, when searches for vivo S18, consumers can choose products with the hourly logo, or choose "hourly reach" at the top right to enter the hourly column, all of which can enjoy an hour of delivery experience after placing an order.

If you want to have vivo S18 on the first day of sale, you might as well use 's mobile phone to place an order in an hour, deliver the authentic new phone in one hour, and experience the new products faster.

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