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Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice products open the atmosphere of Christmas with technology and aesthetics.

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The annual Christmas is coming again, whether it is the carnival of a group of people or the romance of two people, "getting together" is the same theme, while eating healthily, dressing and living space when getting together is an eternal topic that can not be avoided. Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice products, including refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners, continue to advance science and technology and aesthetics, and are committed to creating a healthy clothing, diet and living environment for users to get together at this moment.

Keep fresh for a long time and create a healthy feast

At Christmas, it is natural to share a carnival dinner with good color, smell and taste with family and friends, and the freshness of the ingredients directly affects the taste of the dishes, so a refrigerator with excellent preservation ability is particularly important. Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice single-door refrigerator adopts full-space variable temperature design, and users can set up their own storage mode according to the needs of the house. no matter the cold storage of organic fruits and vegetables or the fresh freezing of steak, they can flexibly adjust the temperature, protect the pure taste of the ingredients, and give the family the most authentic, natural and delicious meal.

In addition, Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice cross door refrigerator is also equipped with a professional frost-free moisturizing three-cycle system, which can effectively improve temperature balance and cooling speed, maintain appropriate temperature and humidity in each room, and reduce taste troubles; precision control fresh-keeping technology can effectively control temperature changes, take good care of each precious food, reduce temperature fluctuations, lock nutrition, and retain good taste. Not only that, the whole series of refrigerators are equipped with intelligent frequency conversion compressors with strong power and high efficiency and energy saving, and have multi-stage frequency conversion design, which can easily adjust the output power of the compressor and reduce temperature fluctuation. the compressor provides a reassuring commitment of "20-year warranty", so that users can have a more lasting experience.

Deep washing and drying releases fabric vitality

The washing machine, known as one of the three major pieces of traditional household appliances, is not only the daily necessities of every household, but also gradually upgraded to an important guardian of family health. The new BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice AI ™washing machine has an insight into the care needs of consumers, and the AI bubble cleaning technology ™can identify the type of fabric being washed, provide better fabric protection, and determine the best washing procedure accordingly. At the same time, AI washing function can intelligently analyze clothing weight, fabric type and dirt degree, and then optimize water volume and detergent usage, improve performance while minimizing resource consumption, and create excellent washing effect.

At Christmas, snowy weather and low temperatures make it difficult to dry clothes after washing. The AI drying function of the new BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice series AI ™clothes dryer ensures that the process is run at the optimal temperature while adjusting the appropriate drying time to achieve faster and finer drying effect by monitoring the temperature and humidity of clothing, intelligently controlling and optimizing the performance of compressors and heat exchangers, allowing the whole family to enjoy a professional clothing drying experience and enjoy a healthy and quality life in any weather environment.

Intelligent science and technology help household cleaning

Under the condition that doors and windows are often closed in winter, indoor dust with higher temperature is raised by warm wind, and viruses and bacteria are more likely to breed and spread, which in turn increases the hidden danger of respiratory diseases. Hygiene and cleaning before reunion is an important task that can not be ignored. Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice vacuum cleaner is equipped with Samsung intelligent digital frequency conversion motor, which can provide 210W suction. The filtration system is designed in accordance with aerodynamics, which helps to optimize the airflow path and reduce suction loss, while the multi-cyclone filter can effectively intercept fine dust particles and easily clean the whole house.

Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum grid vacuum cleaner is also equipped with an integrated multi-function cleaning station with Samsung "air pulse" technology, which can quickly empty the dust collection box with one button and charge the vacuum cleaner battery at the same time. The built-in multiple filtration system can intercept 99.999% of fine dust, and dust bags can also collect garbage and dust, making waste removal convenient and easy to worry about.

Eating and nourishing in cold winter, adding clothes to protect the cold, and household cleaning are all important ways to enhance the body's immunity and protect the health of family and friends. This Christmas, let Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice products inject more inspiration for getting together, and bring more wisdom and better home life experience to relatives and friends.

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