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Advanced Survival! Dawning Storage ranks first in China.

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Shulou( Report--

Driven by the strategic requirements of "counting the east and counting the west" and the application demand of AI industry, advanced survival capacity has become a key element in the high-quality development of digital economy. This year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other six departments jointly issued a document calling for China's total storage to exceed 1800EB by 2025, with advanced storage capacity accounting for more than 30%.

As the first storage manufacturer to put forward the concept of advanced survivability and take the lead in layout, dawning storage is giving advanced survivability richer value connotations. According to Sadie's latest Research report on the Development of Advanced Survival in China (hereinafter referred to as "the report"), based on the practical achievements in storage technology, ecology and program deployment, dawning Storage has led the industry in many evaluation indicators and has ranked among the first camp of advanced survivability in China.

Five major value systems, redefining advanced survival capacity

The "report" points out that dawning Storage, relying on the technical advantages of full-stack self-research, provides valuable experience for China's liquid-cooled storage and large-scale storage deployment. At present, dawning Storage has formed five value systems such as "green, massive, efficient, integrated and safe", further refreshing the definition of "advanced survival".

Green: pioneered liquid-cooled storage system, successfully deployed the first deposit one-stack liquid-cooled data center, achieved a PUE value of less than 1.2, and completed the last jigsaw puzzle of the green data center.

Massive: EB-level storage architecture, with multiple over 100 PB large-scale deployment cases, continuously refreshing the upper limit of single storage deployment scale.

High efficiency: deep optimization of the full chain to achieve ultra-high throughput and IOPS capabilities to support a variety of high-performance complex applications with extreme performance.

Integration: four interface protocols are integrated to achieve the fusion management of heterogeneous data, which can adapt to different business scenarios.

Security: with the self-developed core technology of the full stack, dawning Storage provides a fully autonomous and controllable storage scheme from software to hardware to ensure the security of data storage.

Take the lead in the four indicators, accurate energy application landing

Based on the follow-up investigation of the advanced storage market and storage manufacturers, the report constructs the evaluation model of the advanced storage manufacturers from six dimensions. According to the evaluation results, dawning Storage ranks first in terms of data mobility, security, reliability and technological foresight, and its comprehensive strength ranks first among Chinese manufacturers.

According to the evaluation model, technical, ecological and safety indicators have become the entry threshold for advanced viability. At the same time, the performance of various indicators also directly reflects the landing ability of storage manufacturers in the application market.

Dawning Storage with a sound value system, there is no doubt that accurately hit the scene needs of the application market. According to the report, 2021-2023H1, dawning ranks first in the deployment scale of China's liquid-cooled data center infrastructure market, accounting for 58.8%. In 2022, dawning Storage has an outstanding performance in the intelligent computing center and the meteorological environmental protection market, and occupies a leading position.

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