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At the end of the year, Dajiang stopped selling most of its educational application product lines, including educational drones, AI artificial intelligence kits, etc.

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Thank netizens and independent photographers for their clue delivery! December 22, DJI Education Application official website announced that Tello edu, Mecha Master RoboMaster EP, AI artificial Intelligence Suite, DJI Education platform and AI scene Education solution will be officially discontinued on December 31, 2023. found that the RoboMaster series of Dajiang mecha masters includes a variety of robots and drones; the DJI AI artificial intelligence education kit is designed for artificial intelligence classroom teaching in primary and secondary schools; and Tello EDU is a puzzle programming drone through which users learn programming languages such as graphical programming, Python and Swift.

In addition, DJI education applications include Masters College Series, AI artificial Intelligence Education Kit and other competitions and solutions.

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