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Alibaba's global headquarters was completed in Hangzhou and is expected to be put into use next year.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., December 22, according to KuaiBao, the interactive city of Orange Persimmon, the Alibaba global headquarters project in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City has been basically completed and is expected to be officially put into use in 2024.

The official account of KuaiBao in Tuyuan city (the same below) noted that the new Alibaba global headquarters is located to the north of Wenyi West Road and east of higher Education Road. After completion, the original Arizixi area A may become the e-commerce business headquarters such as Tmall on Taobao, and Alixi area B is expected to be built into an open park and build Alibaba Digital Ecological Innovation Park.

In addition to the new global headquarters park in Hangzhou, Alibaba Beijing headquarters Park has also been delivered in the near future, and the new headquarters parks in Hangzhou and Beijing will be officially opened in 2024. After it is completed and put into use, it is expected to form a gathering place for high-level talents such as information software and e-commerce for about 30000 people.

The wetland garden in the middle of the new park of Alibaba Global headquarters is very distinctive, overlooking Ali's smiling face Logo, and the landscape of nearly 260000 square meters is designed according to the concept of "urban forest". On the northeast side of the park, there are standard football fields, 400-meter running tracks, outdoor basketball courts, indoor sports grounds and so on.

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