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Brand new opportunities to go out to sea, play "emerging" and "ace" theme salon successfully held!

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, co-sponsored by Netconcepts& Cross Border Digital & International Brand Watch, with the special support of Google and Ozon, and co-organized by SHOPLINE and Nox Juxing, "Brand New opportunities to play emerging" and "ace" and 2024 Panda Health Industry Global Insight White Paper was released-theme salon was successfully held at the Venice Indiger Hotel in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. At the meeting, top representatives from the industry focused on the new opportunities for brands to go out to sea in the new era, sharing the latest insights and experiences on emerging markets and ace markets at home and abroad, and jointly promoting the global development of enterprises.

Mr. Hu Li, General Manager of Netconcepts Konsai in South China, the head of China of CrossBorderDigital Entrepreneurship Network, Mr. Hu Li, representative of South China, Mr. Huang Xiao, President of OZON Greater China, Mr. NEO Yan, New customer Business Department of Google Greater China, Mr. Cui Linhu, user growth expert of NOX, and Liu Ke, content Marketing Manager of SHOPLINE brand, attended the meeting to share the development background, opportunities and challenges of emerging markets and ace markets.

At the meeting, Hu Li exclusively unveiled the "2023 Chinese Brand Globalization TOP50" list, and brought the sharing of international brand observation "insight into brand value". The "2023 Chinese Brand Globalization TOP50" list is based on the ranking of overseas revenue, Google search volume and overseas social media search index of Chinese overseas companies by International Brand Watch, which covers the most influential Chinese brands and companies in different industries and fields. This list shows participants the enterprises with outstanding performance and competitive advantages in the global market, and provides valuable reference and inspiration for marketing professionals and entrepreneurs.

Through the observation of international brands, Hu Li found that the competition pattern of international brands in the Russian market is changing. Some Chinese brands quickly dominate the market segment, and Chinese brands have taken the lead in the Russian market. There are still many new opportunities in the Russian market in the future.

Huang Xiaoxiao made an in-depth analysis of "Belt and Road Initiative, the Development opportunity of emerging Markets". In his view, political correctness is driving a change in the growth paradigm of the global market economy. Against the background of rising in the east and falling in the west, Russia has become the biggest growth bright spot in China's foreign trade, and e-commerce will also become the most mainstream channel for Chinese enterprises to go to Russia, and the e-commerce penetration rate will increase significantly to 32% in the next four years. Enterprises should firmly grasp this market, multi-channel layout.

This theme salon, CrossBorderDigital and Google also jointly released the 2024 Pan University Health Industry Global Insight White Paper. With the increasing attention and demand for health, Pan-University Health Industry, a comprehensive industry covering the fields of medical treatment, health care, health care, rehabilitation, sports, nutrition and so on, has become a global hot spot and a new economic growth point. With the continuous expansion of the market scale, the products of the industry are becoming more and more diversified, diversified and intelligent.

2024 Panda Health Industry Global Insight White Paper makes an in-depth analysis of fitness equipment, sleep health, intelligent products and other categories to gain insight into the characteristics and future trends of the industry, which will provide more new ideas for the development of Panda Health industry. help more Panda health brands to develop globally.

Nie Yanyan brought "market insight into the top 2024 health products", focusing on the subdivision of beauty care, capturing deep insight, and revealing some future development trends and suggestions of the beauty instrument market. In his view, online recommendation, purchase of teaching closed loop; expert celebrity endorsement and brand official media construction; implementation of sustainability from raw materials to process; and practice of minimalist, professional and scientific concepts are the key to the counter-trend growth of the beauty instrument industry.

In the face of the increasingly complex overseas operating environment, Liu Ke makes a comprehensive analysis of "going out to sea private domain methodology: how full-cycle user operation drives brand compound interest", and through the case study of SHOPLINE's past service customers, summarizes a set of full-cycle user operation-driven brand growth compound interest methodology, which provides more new methods for brands to go to sea, achieve breakthroughs from 0 to 1, and achieve efficient growth.

Cui Linhu shared his own views on the marketing of online celebrities in the big health industry, "surging to the top of new opportunities, playing celebrity marketing: the methodology of online celebrity marketing in new markets". Through the sharing of the growth value of online celebrity marketing to large healthy enterprises, and how to carry out online celebrity marketing to achieve global growth, it provides a scientific and effective strategy for the large healthy enterprise industry to expand the global market with the help of online celebrity marketing.

At the end of the event, Hu Li, Felix, Nie Yanyan, Liu Ke, Cui Linhu and their entourage participated in the "directional, not lost" round table forum held by "International Brand Watch" to express their views and share their experiences on the topic of "emerging" and "trump cards" for new opportunities for brands to go out to sea. During the discussion and exchange session, participants further discussed and shared emerging markets and ace markets. What are the biggest opportunities and difficulties in 2024? In the overseas marketing, how does the brand get rid of the flow dependence and obtain the brand value precipitation? In addition, the heat of emerging markets is very high at present. What are the changes or trends in 2024? Work with professionals to explore the growth points of future brands going out to sea. The atmosphere at the meeting was warm and applause continued.

This theme salon provides valuable experience for many enterprises and business people, and provides strong support for the marketing road of enterprises in the era of rapid development of the global digital economy. The release of the 2024 Panda Health Industry Global Insight White Paper provides an important reference value for the global development of the industry. At present, there are both opportunities and challenges for Chinese brands to go abroad, and enterprises still need to formulate correct marketing strategies according to the changes in the international market in order to achieve brand growth against the trend and win the favor of the international market.

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