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Steam plus one: "simulated train: classic version" free of charge, plus DLC "The Game Gnomes"

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Thanks to netizens for the same clue delivery! news on December 22, Dovetail Games (Duoletang) game "simulated Train: classic (Train Simulator:Classic)" is currently launching a free collection activity on the Steam platform, with a DLC "The Game Gnomes" worth 14 yuan (to be added separately):

"simulated train: classic (Train Simulator:Classic)" ontology link: click here to visit

Game DLC "The Game Gnomes" link: click here to visit Note: the former name of this work is "simulated Train (Train Simulator)". The original price of Steam is 92 yuan. SteamDB shows that the praise rate of this work is 69.47%.

▲ source SteamDB in addition, Dovetail Games's "Train Sim World 4" is offering a discount, the original price of the national body is 137.8 yuan, the discount after the sale of 92.4 yuan, interested friends can click on this visit.

▲ diagram source SteamDB

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