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Chery Automobile High-tech: self-developed batteries will be launched next year, with the goal of entering the first echelon of self-driving.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22 (Xinhua)-- Gao Gao Hua, executive deputy general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and president of the General Institute of Research and Development, said in an interview that battery is the core technology of electric vehicles. Chery has its own battery and will be officially released next year.

Gaohua said that Chery has the ability to drive intelligently and can make its own L2 and quasi-L3. Now that the hardware is pre-embedded, the software can reach this level after iterating through OTA. In addition, he also believes that Chery's autopilot ability can also be at the forefront of the industry, with the goal of reaching the first echelon of autopilot. noted that Chery's new car star era ES went on sale this week with an official price range of 225800 to 339800 yuan.

In terms of intelligence, Star era ES intelligent driving system comes from self-research team Dazhuo Intelligence, car system from iFLYTEK, main control chip from Qualcomm, standard Horizon quality Journey 3 chip, five cameras, eight ultrasonic radars and two millimeter wave radars. The top model uses a double Nvidia Orin-X chip and has 12 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimeter wave radars and 1 lidar. It can realize the functions of high-speed NOP, urban NOA and intelligent parking AVP, which also prepares the self-driving ability in the future.

In other configurations, the new car is 4945*1978*1467mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 3000mm; it is equipped with a 2.5K central control screen in a 15.6inch encircling cockpit and uses a shielding design to support wireless charging of mobile phones; it provides 800V high-voltage platform models with multiple life-lasting versions of 550km, 605km, 650km, 720km and 905km.

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