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Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 wins 17.8 Preview 2 update: improved C++ development experience, introduction of visualization classes and other features

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, according to Microsoft's official press release, Microsoft has currently released Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2. Microsoft said that since Preview 1, Visual Studio 2022 has enhanced the development experience of C++ by introducing features such as visual types and memory usage icons, allowing developers to simply view project classes, structure types and other information. Friends can click here to download.

Officials say C++ developers can now "more efficiently" view the memory usage and alignment of data structures, and in the new version, a "Quick Information Toolbar (Quick Info tooltip)" will appear as long as the mouse is over the appropriate identifier, where developers can quickly view the relevant information.

▲ Source Microsoft Press release (same below) in addition, Visual Studio 2022 also adds the "memory layout View" feature, which Microsoft claims that developers can now more intuitively view the "fill", "offset", "footprint" and other information of all data members in the class.

Microsoft also claimed that in the future, developers do not need to write additional code to view the memory footprint information "affected by virtual functions" ( Note: in C++, virtual functions will cause classes to take up more memory space), and the new Visual Studio can directly show the actual memory usage, helping developers to optimize program performance.

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