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Insiders of the Game working Committee: at present, people from all walks of life can speak freely on the draft for soliciting opinions, so as to make it feasible and more perfect.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens, Nayena, Mr. Aviation for the delivery of clues! news on December 22, the State Press and publication Administration today released the "measures for the Administration of online Games (draft for soliciting opinions)" (hereinafter referred to as the "draft for soliciting opinions"), causing a heated discussion on the Internet.

In this regard, an insider from the Game work Committee of the China Audio and Digital Association told that since it is a "draft for soliciting opinions," it shows that people from all walks of life can speak freely at the present stage, so as to make it more feasible and more perfect.

In addition, some netizens said that the website of the Ministry of Justice had deleted the solicitation channels for the "draft for soliciting opinions." checked and found that there was no relevant content, but it was not deleted, but it had not been online before. However, the relevant announcement of the State Press and publication Administration is still there, and feedback can be made through correspondence address, e-mail and other channels, and the deadline is January 22, 2024.

1. Log on to the   legal Information Network of the Chinese Government of the Ministry of Justice of the people's Republic of China (,, and enter the "Collection of Legislative opinions" section of the main menu on the home page to express your opinions.

two。 Mailing address: publishing Bureau, 40 Xuanwumenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, postcode: 100052, and the words "measures for the Administration of online Games" are marked on the envelope.

3. Email:

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