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The parents of the Yangtze River Delta also chose it! Alpha egg AI dictionary pen T20 was selected as a special companion gift in the Yangtze River Delta in 2023.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 21, 2023 Yangtze River Delta characteristic companion gift was released in Shanghai. There are 120 special companion gifts selected by more than 60 Consumer Protection Committees in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. The alpha egg AI dictionary pen T20 launched by Taoyun Technology honors to participate in the exhibition, and join hands with many quality gifts to improve the quality and efficiency of consumers' better life.

It is reported that this Yangtze River Delta companion gift evaluation activity implements the idea of unified solicitation, layered evaluation and centralized release of the Yangtze River Delta Consumer Protection Commission, which comprehensively considers factors such as brand culture, industry influence, product quality and regional characteristics. 30 products are recommended as "2023 Yangtze River Delta characteristic companion gifts" respectively. Among the more than 100 companion gifts, there are not only classic "non-heritage" and "time-honored brands" specialty, but also intelligent domestic products like Alpha egg AI dictionary pen T20, which represent the new era and new consumption, while showing the distinctive local characteristics of the Yangtze River Delta.

As Taoyun's flagship product, the alpha egg AI dictionary pen T20 is no longer simply focusing on word search and translation, it integrates the iFLYTEK spark cognitive model, and launches the oral practice partner function, like a 24-hour online one-on-one "oral English teacher". Children use this function to practice oral English, not only have something to talk about, do not worry about the silence, but also practice their pronunciation according to the standards of the high school entrance examination, and do not worry about deviation. It can be said that this function removes children's worries about learning spoken English, helps children dare to open their mouth, is willing to open their mouth, and practices standard pronunciation.

It is worth mentioning that, with the help of the iFLYTEK Spark Cognitive Model and the standard twin engines of the high school entrance examination, the performance of the alpha egg AI dictionary pen T20 in composition correction is also remarkable.

As far as Chinese composition correction is concerned, it achieves three levels and seven levels of correction guidance, from basic correction, advanced correction to promotion suggestions, and correcting comments at different levels like professional teachers, which can not only identify errors, but also give corrective suggestions, optimize example references, diagnose writing ability, inspire active thinking and train writing ideas through questioning guidance and interactive comments. Children no longer worry about not finding weak points in their composition, and parents do not have to worry about the slow improvement of their children's composition.

As far as English composition correction is concerned, it supports setting the grade according to the high level of primary school, which can provide children with effective reference standards and improve their writing ability. After scanning the composition, there will be an overview of correction, spelling errors, vocabulary and grammar, sentence structure, article highlights and article evaluation and other multi-dimensional diagnosis results, composition correction is more detailed, but also more targeted.

In addition, many functions, such as AI knowledge graph, five disciplines to check difficult problems, nine disciplines knowledge points and many other functions, can effectively assist children in daily self-study, deeply loved by children and trusted by parents. On June 18th and Singles Day this year, it won the double titles of sales and sales of electronic dictionary and Tmall electronic dictionary.

Deeply ploughing the "AI + Children" track for many years, Taoyun Technology has always adhered to the concept of "parents' heart, incubating with AI" to do a good job in each product. It has launched more than 30 kinds of educational and entertainment robot products in four categories, including alpha egg AI companion robot, AI learning assistant, AI programming and educational robot, and digital solution for preschool education, involving many scenes of children's learning and growth. Really achieve "able to speak, can answer, understand what you think, help you need", to help children learn and grow up happily.

The selection of 2023 Yangtze River Delta characteristic companion gift is inseparable from the affirmation of consumers and other parties. In the future, Amoy Technology will continue to practice the corporate mission of "everything for children's happy learning and happy growth", make good products for children with heart and emotion, strive to endorse Anhui famous products again, and add glory to domestic brands.

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