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Edge cloud out of the independent market, how to calculate manufacturers to seize the beach?

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Non-central cloud computing scenarios and demand, represented by marginal clouds, are growing day by day, which are promoting the prosperity of China's marginal cloud market.

According to the "China Edge Cloud Market tracking Research, 2023H1" report released by IDC on December 19, China's marginal cloud market bucked the trend and stepped out of the independent market in the first half of 2023, totaling 4.5 billion yuan, an increase of 46.3 percent over the same period last year. IDC predicts that the average annual compound growth rate of China's marginal cloud market will remain at more than 35% from 2022 to 2027.

In the face of the opportunities brought about by the rapid development of the edge cloud market, Lenovo is stepping up its layout and recently released a series of Lenovo intelligent edge cloud V3.1 and edge super-converged all-in-one products of edge cloud infrastructure. At present, in the field of edge computing, based on its own "Puhui" computing advantage, Lenovo Group has built rich edge computing solutions with edge cloud services and edge hardware products, which are supported by strong edge computing power.

Strong demand and broad prospects for marginal cloud market

In recent years, the cloud computing industry is booming, and in the process of combining with specific scenarios and businesses, it catalyzes the non-central cloud computing application scenarios and requirements. According to the definition of IDC, edge cloud is a service or solution formed by natural extension of cloud computing solution from a few or a single computing node (central node) to edge node. The typical form includes edge cloud service and edge cloud solution. To put it simply, edge cloud business is derived from cloud computing and is an important supplement to the cloud computing market.

Typical demand scenarios for edge cloud include intelligent factory / campus, intelligent transportation, cloud terminal, game cloud, video rendering and processing, security monitoring and so on. According to IDC, China's marginal cloud market has been expanding in the past two years, growing at an annual rate of about 50 per cent. In the first half of this year, China's marginal cloud market maintained a rapid growth rate of 46.3%. IDC pointed out that lightweight cloud access by local users, Internet audio and video distribution, and small-scale cloud game instances are the core drivers of market growth in this period.

Behind the rise of edge cloud, driven by the development of technologies such as 5G, Internet of things and AI, the amount of data that enterprises need to deal with increases rapidly, which increases the demand for efficient, flexible, secure and low-cost computing. As a supplement to cloud computing, edge cloud has the advantages of reducing latency, saving broadband, data security and free scheduling, which can bring a lot of convenience for users in specific business.

Based on the edge cloud advantage, the edge cloud market has a broad development prospect. IDC said that in the long run, the diversified value of the edge cloud under the cost reduction needs of users, as well as the continued emergence of innovative and intelligent application scenarios on the edge side, will inject momentum into the medium-and long-term healthy growth of the edge cloud market. In addition, as the edge cloud infrastructure progresses, the edge cloud may become a new growth engine in the entire IT solution market.

Lenovo intelligent edge cloud appearance to activate edge intelligence potential

With the vigorous development of the marginal cloud market, the technology giants have made efforts to seize the dividends of the marginal cloud market. For Lenovo Group, as the world's leading provider of computing infrastructure and services, it has accumulated rich experience and advantages in the field of marginal cloud. In the "2023 Edge Cloud TOP50" list jointly released by Deben Consulting, eNet Research Institute and Internet Weekly at the beginning of December this year, Lenovo's marginal brain Edge AI ranked ninth among the top 50 marginal clouds in China. It shows the outstanding business strength of Lenovo Group in the marginal cloud field.

What is more noteworthy is that Lenovo's marginal cloud business is constantly enriching and evolving based on the iterations of the market and technology. Recently, Lenovo announced its distributed, super-integrated, edge-native, lightweight and intelligent IT infrastructure for edge scenarios-Lenovo Intelligent Edge Cloud V3.1 and Lenovo Edge Super-Fusion all-in-one, which further consolidate Lenovo's strength in edge computing with lower business delay, higher service efficiency and lower comprehensive cost.

Specifically, Lenovo Intelligent Edge Cloud V3.1 has further enhanced performance and capabilities to support multi-network access, cluster local multi-dimensional visual maintenance, enhanced security protection strategy, enhanced virtual machine cloning, backup and recovery performance, and rapid application software-guided deployment, and supports three-node and single-node deployment.

Lenovo Edge Super Fusion all-in-one deeply integrates computing, storage, network and security functions, bringing users an unprecedented edge computing experience with excellent reliability and trustworthy quality. Lenovo Edge Super Fusion all-in-one machine can also provide users with a full range of software and hardware deep pre-integration solutions to easily create an "edge intelligence" experience; in industry scenarios close to the edge, it can be used "out of the box". Quickly complete data processing and analysis tasks, and greatly improve the efficiency of data collection and processing.

Facing different scenarios, the overall functions of Lenovo intelligent edge cloud platform will cover the algorithm training and reasoning of Edge AI, data acquisition, data forwarding and real-time computing of Edge AIOT, as well as intelligent decision-making, logic control and motion control of Edge industrial control.

In terms of landing applications, Lenovo Group pointed out that the new Lenovo Edge Super Fusion all-in-one will help customers simplify the deployment of edge cloud platforms and achieve rapid business launch with the convenient experience of "out-of-the-box" and stable and reliable features. it can enable intelligent transformation in manufacturing, energy, transportation, retail, medical and other industries. For example, in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Lenovo Group Tianjin Park Manufacturing has achieved a three-fold increase in production line testing capacity through the deep application of Lenovo edge cloud, the average fault location time of production line has been reduced by 50%, and the overall operating cost has been reduced by 30%.

At present, Lenovo Group has created a rich and complete edge computing ecology based on edge cloud, edge applications and edge hardware products. In terms of edge hardware, Lenovo Group has created the "Lenovo Huitian" edge computing product family with edge servers, edge AI servers, edge storage, edge intelligent gateways, edge intelligent industrial computers and other products, which provides infrastructure support for Lenovo edge cloud business.

At present, with the rapid development of AI technology, the large model of AI blossoms, and the importance of computing power as its "engine" is self-evident. In the era of AI computing, both cloud computing and edge computing, which are "far away" and "near at hand", release great potential in the acceleration development, especially in the context of digital and intelligent upgrading, the development of computing power is irresistible.

As the world's leading provider of computing power, Lenovo Group, under the new IT capacity covered by all elements of "end-edge-cloud-network-intelligence", anchors universal and intelligent "Puhui" computing power, constantly innovates and makes breakthroughs, and adds to the layout of AI-oriented infrastructure. In February this year, Lenovo launched the Lenovo Wentian server brand, forming a dual-brand strategy of Lenovo Wentian + Lenovo ThinkSystem. In August, a major release of the "AI intelligence green empowerment" AI computing strategy and two Lenovo AI servers In December, based on the fifth-generation Intel Xeon scalable processor, Lenovo Wenton + Lenovo ThinkSystem products were upgraded across the line, and new server products and products and services for edge scenarios were released again, realizing the coverage of computing infrastructure from cloud to edge scenarios, and has become a well-deserved provider of the most complete computing infrastructure and services in the world.

With the continuous development of digital economy, more edge scenarios based on computing power will appear, the demand for edge processing data will surge, and the prospect of edge computing is promising. Lenovo Group, with its rich matrix of marginal products and services, as well as the differentiated core competitiveness of "Puhui", will take advantage of the opportunity to constantly open up new growth space.

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