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"A trip for two" Steam new history low price: 198 → 49.50 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 22 news, Steam winter sale is in progress, "double trip" the original price of 198 yuan, a new record low price of 49.50 yuan.

"double Tour" was released on March 26, 2021 and won the TGA 2021 Game of the year. This game supports simplified Chinese and is recommended for i5-3570K + GTX 980s.

The introduction of "double trip" attached to is as follows:

This is a unique platform adventure game, completely designed for cooperation mode. Use a friend pass to invite a friend to play for free to experience a variety of fun and enjoy subversive game challenges. Play Cody and Xiaomei, who don't like each other, who are turned into dolls by magic curses. They were trapped together in a fantasy world, where something unexpected was hidden in every corner, and they had to overcome the challenges together and save their broken relationship.

In each new level, master the ability to play a unique role and is closely related to each other. Be sure to help each other, overcome a large number of unexpected obstacles, and spend funny and happy moments together. Kick the furry tail of a rogue squirrel, go around a pair of underwear, have a party in a busy nightclub, and ride a sleigh through a magical snowball. A sincere and funny story unfolds slowly in the game, intertwined into a unique metaphorical experience.

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