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Epic plus one: get the race game "art of rally" for free

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Thanks to netizens who are all the same, Qing Huan New year, Milk Potato mps, Xiao Zhan cut, Jiayi, South China Daniel Wu, soft media new friend 2274063, 11lxz11, suitcase delivery! December 23 news, Epic plus one activity is still going on, today's game is the racing game "art of rally" (the art of rally).

This work was developed and released by Funselektor Labs. The release date is September 24, 2020. It supports Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS platforms. In terms of selling price, the original price of this work is 92 yuan, and the discount ends at 0:00 on December 24. with link: click here to pick up

Official introduction: "art of rally" is a cool experience inspired by the golden age of rally, presented to you by the creators of "Absolute Drift". Players can travel around the world from an overlooking perspective and enjoy rich, colorful and distinctive scenery. Can you dominate "art of rally"?

The golden age of rally

You can experience the golden age of rally in Career mode, spanning 78 stages from Finland to Sardinia, Norway, Japan and Germany, as well as Kenya and Indonesia.

More than 50 iconic rally cars

You can choose to drive your favorite classic car from the 1960s to the 1980s, Group B, Group S, Group An and so on.

Real manipulation

From novice-friendly options to challenging the driving mode of the most professional drivers, all players can use their favorite rally driving skills: Scandinavian drift, reverse, left foot brake, handbrake turn.

Aim high

Put your name at the top of the daily and weekly challenge list.

Photo mode (Photo Mode)

Use photo mode (Photo Mode) and playback mode (Replay Mode) to show your driving skills, or your favorite scenery.

In addition, if players already own "art of rally", they can get a special price when buying "Absolute Drift".

The new clue diagram is shown below, and you friends might as well guess.

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