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BYD's "Di Space" project has been settled in Changsha, Hunan Province, including model display, user co-creation and so on.

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Shulou( Report-- December 22 news, According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology news, BYD built "Di Space" Project signed to land in Hunan Changsha City Yuhua District, The site of Changsha Avenue frontage plot in Yuhua District, covering an area of 10 mu.

The project plans to build a cultural business landscape and a science popularization and research base for new energy automobile technology, including BYD brand display, model display, technology display, interactive experience, automobile life, user co-creation and other areas.

"Here, customers can not only visit BYD's all-brand models, but also experience BYD's cutting-edge technology, participate in BYD's technical lecture hall, car owners co-creation and other social activities. "Yang Tao, assistant general manager of BYD Direct Business Department and director of Brand Experience Center, said. notes that this year BYD's Tengshi Automobile Changsha Base Center Store, looking up to Hunan's first center, Equation Leopard Changsha Base Center has settled in Yuhua District, which has become the province's first BYD brand gathering place.

It is worth mentioning that BYD's three major automobile R & D institutions (Changsha Branch of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Commercial Vehicle Research Institute, Product Planning and Automobile New Technology Research Institute) all have branches or branches in Yuhua Base, and their research fields cover many fields such as new energy passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and core parts.

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