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Since the launch of the free FPS "The Finals", the number of players has reached 10 million, and most of the Steam "praise"

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According to on December 22, The Finals officially announced that the number of players has reached 10 million since its launch. noted that the free first-person shooter "The Finals" was officially launched on December 8 on XSX / S, PS5 and PC platforms. The Steam platform had a total of 79554 reviews, of which 74% were good reviews, and most of them were "good reviews" as a whole.

According to SteamDB, The Finals's simultaneous online player history peaked at 242619, with 133644 in the game.

It is understood that "The Finals" was developed and released by Embark Studio, and the studio was founded by former DICE developers who participated in the "Battlefield" series. In the game, players can change, use or even destroy the environment, and the collapsed buildings still retain entities.

Game introduction:

As we all know, "THE FINALS" is a free top competitive show in the world!

Contestants will enter the virtual arena set in famous cities around the world and start each round of knockout rounds with teammates. Through the contestants' superb strength and tactics to expose the weaknesses of other teams, destroy the arena and rush to the championship! Ensure that every contestant will experience unprecedented pleasure and eternal glory!

Is by no means a mediocre shooting game.

In "THE FINALS", each contestant is free to destroy the virtual arena that we have prepared for you.

In order to win, use your imagination to try all strategies.

In order to win, raze the arena and fire a destructive ball to destroy the enemy formation!

In addition to pulling the trigger in this arena, fight for victory by using strategy and a breakable environment as much as possible.

The whole world is watching you!

"THE FINALS" is full of wonderful content all the time! Show your unique fighting style in the battle to win the support and honor of sponsors, and let fans all over the world fall into your charm.

Build your own strategy-

Contestants can not only attack enemy teams with samurai swords, but also use bombs to destroy entire buildings and instantly reverse the situation. In THE FINALS, each contestant is free to make decisions and act in the arena. Different bodies have different skills and weapons to choose from, so that each contestant can create his or her own unique fighting style to destroy the enemy!

Take control of the environment! Or it will be controlled by the environment-

Good marksmanship can give you an advantage, but flexible use of a breakable environment will help you dominate the battlefield. A destructive environment is one of the powerful means against the enemy! It enables you to destroy the enemy and instantly change the battle situation!

Keep in mind that not only can you take advantage of the environment, but your enemies can also use it to put you in danger.

Can you become a rookie? -

Are you ready to be a rookie? Sponsors will help you become more gorgeous in "THE FINALS" and win the attention and reputation of fans all over the world through the customized costumes provided by the sponsors.

Become more famous!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime! In the virtual arena with famous cities in the real world as the background, unlimited environmental damage and endless strategies are waiting for the contestants.

Enjoy endless fame by all means. Don't let your guard down, your enemies also have a chance to reach the top. Defeat your enemies in a more unique and ingenious way. Are you ready to be the next rookie?

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