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The old frog released the Light lightweight version of the ultra-wide-angle 11mm ultra-wide-angle ampport 14mm lens, which is sold for 3499992980 yuan.

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Thanks net friend independent photographer, seabuckthorn clue delivery! December 23 news, Old Frog announced the launch of two new Light lightweight version of the full-frame ultra-wide-angle lens, specifications are 11mm F4.5, 14mm F4.0. Two lenses have been pre-sold on e-commerce platforms, including 11mm lenses for 3499 yuan and 14mm lenses for 2980 yuan. summarizes parameter information as follows:

11mm F4.5

Compatible with Leica M, Sony FE, Canon RF, Nikon Z / L / DL bayonet, with full frame 11mm, 126° field of view, lens with 2 aspherical lenses and 2 ED lenses, can ensure sharpness while reducing dispersion, distortion.

Its weight is 206g (DL bayonet), with DJI X9 head without leveling.

The lens is designed with macular superposition for Leica M mount, which enables macular focusing corresponding to the body. The lens also uses 5 diaphragm blades design, easy to shoot ten needle starlight. In addition, the lens features "zero" distortion.

This lens can be used with a 62mm circular filter.

14mm F4.0

It can also be adapted to the above bayonet, with a full frame of 14mm, 114° field of view, 2 aspherical lenses and 3 ED lenses. It weighs 186g, also has Leica M body macular superposition function and ten-needle star shooting ability, also mainly "zero" distortion. In addition, the lens can be used with a 52mm circular filter.

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