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How to film "motion"?

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Photos with strong visual impact can attract the viewer's attention at once, so that photos have more extreme display, and "motion" is one of the sources of visual impact of photos, dynamic photos, often can produce endless aftertaste effect.

Here are a few tips for making photos dynamic:

1. Capturing decisive moments decisive moments, that is, the elements in the photo are just right, can perfectly display the theme, highlight the unique moments of photo characteristics, such as the moment when football players shoot, the moment when dancers jump, etc. In street photography, documentary photography, according to the meaning of specific events, there are also different decisive moments.

Decisive moments can often give people "motion," give people a feeling that the action is in progress and unfinished, and let the subject in the photo "come alive."

In order to capture decisive moments, in addition to high-speed shutter and timely response, it also requires keen pre-judgment ability, which cannot be separated from sufficient observation in advance and sufficient familiarity with events.

2. Focus, zoom, long exposure dynamic must be high-speed shutter to reflect it?

Of course not, the proper slow door can also have a good effect:

Skills such as focus tracking and zoom are all using shutter speeds of 1/30s or even slower. During shooting, move the lens or rotate the zoom ring to achieve the effect of "moving in silence" and make the photos dynamic.

And slower shutter speed, but also can show dynamic, such as in the shooting of water, star track and other specific themes, we can use dozens of seconds or even longer exposure time, the trajectory of moving objects recorded, showing the effect of wire drawing, connecting, so that photos have dynamic.

3. Blur, false focus The techniques mentioned above are all aimed at making the subject clear, and the blur effect can also be used to express motion.

When shooting moving objects, if our shutter speed is not high enough, there will be shadows in the picture, and the subject will also appear blurred, and this blur, virtual focus can reflect the subject in motion, thus showing motion.

In watching film and television works, we have all seen this kind of scene: the protagonist is still in front of the crowd or traffic flow, and there are people and traffic flow passing quickly behind him, just like a group of phantoms, with a strong sense of movement and time passing. If we want to express motion when shooting, we can also learn from this technique, and the contrast between the subject and the background will enhance the motion in the photo.

This article comes from Weixin Official Accounts: Play Point Photography (ID: wakexiao), Author: AGER

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