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The Lunar New year is approaching: Luzhou laojiao 52 Dubao roll wine 33.8 yuan new product impulse (99 yuan per day)

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Shulou( Report--

Warm reminder: excessive drinking is harmful to your health, and it is strictly forbidden to buy it under age.

Tmall [Luzhou Laojiao Nongxiang official flagship store]

Luzhou laojiao mellow roll wine (52 degrees) is on sale, which is produced by Luzhou laojiao Co., Ltd., with only water, sorghum and wheat.

The daily price of the 500ml*6 bottle is 900yuan. Today, the official new product impulse is greatly promoted:

If you place an order for 3 pieces, you can get a coupon of 1622 yuan, which will be reduced by 360yuan across the store, and you will actually pay 718yuan for 3 cases of 18 bottles.

Gold coins can also be deducted 81 yuan (if there are not enough gold coins, you can search for "gold coins" on Taobao App), only 637 yuan after deduction.

Shop shopping gold "recharge 600 get 630", this recharge only need 607 yuan to get: click this recharge.

Enter the front page of the store before placing an order, and you can also participate in the purchase of "Yuezhuan" gift box for 0.01 yuan.

Tmall Luzhou laojiao mellow scented roll liquor 500ml*6 bottle Luzhou-flavor liquor orders 3 pieces 718 yuan collar 1622 yuan voucher equivalent to 33.70 yuan recent new low price, official daily price 99 yuan per bottle. "Luzhou laojiao official flagship store" 6 bottles are now sold for 339 yuan, each bottle equivalent to 56.50 yuan: click here to see.

Six bottles in Douyin's "Luzhou laojiao official flagship store" are also on sale for 339 yuan:

Product name: old cellar mellow scented scroll (BAO JUAN)

Origin: Luzhou, Sichuan, China

Fragrance type: Luzhou incense type

Net content: 500ml

Alcohol content: 52% vol

List of ingredients: water, sorghum, wheat

Manufacturer: Luzhou laojiao Co., Ltd.

Storage mode: cool and dry, avoid light at room temperature

License number: SC11551050250069

Product Standard No.: GB / T10781.1 (excellent)

Tmall Luzhou laojiao Laojiao mellow scented roll liquor 500ml*6 bottle Luzhou flavor issued an order for 3 pieces of 718 yuan collar 1622 yuan coupons

Tmall no threshold red packet up to 8888 yuan, smoke once a day: click here to draw red packet.

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