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Ask M5 to perform the ultimate manipulation, the industry for the first time 3600mm 176m; quick rewind brush circle shocked the industry

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Not long ago, Shanghai revolving parking lot staged a real version of "Speed and passion". Professional racing driver Liu Zexuan and the car blogger the goddess of car play accepted the invitation of AITO to come to the Shanghai revolving parking building, known as the "devil parking lot", for a challenge of 3600 °reverse brush ring.

This parking building is called the "Devil parking lot" because it has many bends, a large slope, a narrow road surface and complex and changeable road conditions, even if it is driven up in a normal way, which is not friendly to many people. In this challenge, the two M5s rotated and drove upward along the parking building in the form of a front and reverse front, achieving a uniform speed and uniform interval speed reverse brush ring, and completed in a limited time of 3 minutes. With such excellent driving control performance, the M5 has quickly become the focus of the car circle, and the performance of the M5 has been verified again.

3600 °speed reverse brush ring, millions of chassis enable extreme control

In the state of reversing at high speed, the path of the vehicle is more flexible, and the driver needs to control the direction very carefully. In addition, the radius of the bend in the parking building is only 11.5 meters and the width of the road is only 4.9 meters, which requires drivers to be more attentive and careful when driving in the curve.

Even if the environment is so dangerous, with excellent product strength and the driver's superb driving skills, the M5 successfully passed this challenging bend. Among them, the million luxury car-class all-aluminum alloy chassis equipped by the M5 shows an extraordinary side.

Compared with the traditional steel chassis, the all-aluminum alloy chassis equipped with the M5 has a 30% reduction in mass, which makes the vehicle more sensitive in the process of driving. At the same time, the stiffness and strength of the all-aluminum alloy chassis is also greater, which can provide better support and maneuverability, so that the vehicle roll gradient is smaller when driving in the corner, the car body is more stable when entering the corner, and brings stronger confidence to the driver.

In addition, the M5 uses the front double-arm and rear multi-link independent suspension of the same origin of the supercar, which makes the lateral support of the vehicle stronger, the turning more accurate, and greatly reduces the frequency of correcting the steering wheel. it further provides excellent handling and stability for the vehicle, making it easy for the M5 to cope with narrow corners.

The cooperation of the core hardware has raised the maneuverability and stability of the M5 to a very high level. Not only in the "Devil parking lot", I believe that even in the face of a more difficult track, the M5 can easily deal with it.

At the top of the "Devil parking lot", HUAWEI DATS makes the performance better

The M5 shows excellent handling performance, thanks to the HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system carried by the vehicle itself. By dynamically sensing the road surface and adjusting the torque in real time, the system can keep the vehicle stable under all kinds of road conditions and make the driving more comfortable and excellent. In the challenge of 3600 °reverse brush ring in the parking building, the system can help increase the lateral force, reduce the risk of tail flick, and further improve the controllability and safety of the vehicle when entering and leaving the corner.

At the same time, the M5 also provides millisecond fast response. Through the deep fusion design of the drive motor and the whole vehicle, the torque control link is effectively shortened, and the system response delay is reduced to 4ms, which is 25 times higher than that of the traditional fuel vehicle, and greatly enhances the fluency and stability of the corner.

It is worth mentioning that this model's power performance and acceleration performance can be called first-class, 100 km acceleration only 4.5 seconds, and can achieve repeated acceleration 15 times without attenuation. The strong power makes it very easy for both cars to cross the corner, which also makes the driver more confident and brings the ultimate driving experience for the driver.

The success of M5 not only proves its excellence in hardware configuration, but also shows its uniqueness in software technology. Its excellent performance and excellent performance will undoubtedly set a new benchmark for the new energy vehicle market.

Of course, not only does the M5 have extraordinary driving control performance, but also the M5 continues to bring new surprises to users. If you decide on the smart driving version before December 31, you can enjoy up to 42000 rights and interests, including 12000 yuan for interior and exterior accessories and 15000 yuan for the purchase of technology comfort bags, and 15000 yuan can be used to deduct the rights and interests of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 urban smart driving bags. The standard version can also enjoy up to 27000 option rights, and the limited time price of the urban coruscate set will be as low as 5000 yuan. In addition, considering that consumers who may have emergency cars before the Spring Festival, the M5 can be picked up within 2 weeks from now on.


Ask the M5, the outstanding performance of this "treasure performance car" has undoubtedly become the yearning of many young people. It is not only unique in the field of new energy vehicles, but also breaks people's inherent understanding of new energy SUV because of its excellent performance. Whether it is manipulation or intelligence, the M5 remains far ahead. It not only makes driving more enjoyable, but also makes the ride more comfortable. It is believed that in the near future, M5 will continue to lead the development trend of the new energy vehicle market and bring consumers a more intelligent and convenient driving experience.

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