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ET9, the flagship executive sedan of Weilai, was unveiled: the first "administrative bridge", with integrated intelligent refrigerator / first-class seats

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Shulou( Report-- December 23 news, tonight during NIO Day, Weilai executive flagship sedan ET9 officially unveiled. The appearance of the car adopts the design of "flying body," with length, width and height of 5324/2016/1620mm respectively and wheelbase of 3250 mm.

The car is equipped with 23-inch wheels, 200mm ground clearance and 220mm suspension travel, and supports a 50mm reduction in one second. The car also added lateral wide-angle lidar for the first time, claiming to be "born for global intelligent driving."

In terms of interior decoration, the car pioneered the original four-seat layout of "administrative bridge," running through the front and rear rows, claiming to integrate 20 subsystems. Among them, the rear row area also set up a 360° stepless adjustment administrative desk, support any angle of accompanying adjustment.

In addition, the "administrative bridge" also integrates an electric opening and closing refrigerator, supports one-button electric opening, has about 10 liters of space, and supports temperature adjustment between-2℃ and 55 ℃. The roof of the car also has a longitudinal "sky island"_arched atmosphere lights and independent sky curtains, 7 electric sun shades. Behind the front and rear seats, 14.5-inch OLED interconnected executive screens are provided, and the screen tilt angle supports follow-up adjustment.

The car's "flight first class" seat supports a maximum adjustment angle of 45° backrest, which can realize 11 linkage adjustments.

For more configuration information on ET9, please follow for follow-up reports.

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