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Two-line linkage, CASETiFY hand in hand with HUAWEI coruscate a colorful inspiration, create a circle

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Shanghai, China (December 22, 2023)-for a long time, the international trend lifestyle brand CASETiFY has been committed to using electronic accessories as a medium to encourage everyone to express their creativity uniquely. In early September, CASETiFY actively embraced local consumers with new trendy technology, launching mobile phone cases adapted to Huawei's Mate 60 and 60 Pro series for the first time. As the official partner of Huawei DFH (DESIGN FOR HUAWEI, hereinafter referred to as DFH) certification, CASETiFY will continue to bring more CASETiFY Huawei mobile phone cases to consumers in the future, creating a trendy technology experience.

Lighten inspiration with trendy technology. On December 22, CASETiFY and Huawei jointly held "inspiration and Circle" at CASETiFY STUDiO Shanghai Xintiandi Store. Artists' creative workshop takes CASETiFY camera ring and Huawei Mate60 series "concentric circle" as the theme, continuing brilliant inspiration, combining artistic creativity with fashion science and technology creativity, breaking through the imagination canvas to help every life creator to actively express his personality attitude and wanton creativity.

CASETiFY has always supported and encouraged the development of creativity at all levels, from artists to opinion leaders and creative communities. In this event, CASETiFY specially invited CASETiFY co-artist Jiang Xun and illustrator to explore the creative ideas for the "out-of-circle" series, bringing tailor-made designs specially created for this event on the CASETiFY inspiration canvas, and freely interpreting the concept of "out-of-circle".

Ksaner x CASETiFY past artists collaboration series

Capybara biubiu x CASETiFY past artist collaboration series

This afternoon, the scene also held an artist's creative workshop entitled "inspiration, Circle". With the two artists' cooperative series as the creative canvas, participants were invited to pick up inspiration technology brushes, break through the boundary of imagination, and spread artistic inspiration wantonly.

Artist Jiang Xun takes the tear-themed character EYEONE as the design subject, combined with the inspiration of Mate60 series "concentric circles", through the description of its exaggerated body language, emphasizes the concept of "out of the circle" and conveys the fearless spirit of breaking through convention and daring to take risks.

The illustrator creatively combines the capybara biubiu image with the Mate60 series concentric circle design deeply. Under the artist's creation, the concentric circle turns into a creative planet, the boundary of the hot spring snow and the arc crossed by the carp, carrying the capybara biubiu bold out of the circle idea to encourage its self-breakthrough and give us consumers the courage and motivation to keep moving forward.

In addition, from December 23 to December 24, go to CASETiFY Shanghai Xintiandi store to participate in the "inspiration, Circle" artist customization workshop, you can enjoy a 30% discount, on-site customization of your own Ksaner & Capybara Biubiu customized mobile phone case.

In addition to constantly breaking through the circle of design creativity, CASETiFY actively ploughs the local market, accurately perceives the needs of consumers, and insists on bringing consumers a trend experience of more yuan and individual expression. CASETiFY, as an official partner of DFH certification, will soon be stationed in Huawei VMALL Mall to further create a trendy science and technology experience.

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