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Does the mobile phone really surpass the camera? why do you sometimes feel that the photos taken by the mobile phone look better?

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Sometimes we find that photos taken with mobile phones seem to look better than those taken with cameras, the colors appear more vivid, and seem to be closer to what we see with the naked eye.

At this time, there is no need to doubt whether your camera is really inferior to your mobile phone. In fact, this is a very normal phenomenon, especially for some people who have not been in contact with the camera for a long time. It is not easy to take a clear picture with the camera.

So what is the cause of this phenomenon?

1. Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter, and the camera functions that come with them are getting closer to the needs and preferences of users, but this does not mean that mobile phones are more powerful than cameras.

Many mobile phone shooting functions need various algorithms to provide support, such as focusing, metering, depth of field calculation, etc., and there are many mobile phone cameras with beautification, filter functions, which can really make photos look better.

Compared with a camera, it is more like a "serious" pure recording optical equipment. Although it cannot be separated from technical support such as algorithms, it will be more "simple". Therefore, some photos taken by mobile phones can be understood as "corrected". However, whether it is a mobile phone or a camera, it is more important for people to operate behind the lens.

2. The camera function of the mobile phone can not be compared with the operability of the camera even in the professional mode. The operation of the camera is much more complicated than that of the mobile phone. Whether it is focusing, exposure parameters, white balance or photometry, it depends on the accumulation and understanding of photographic knowledge.

This is also why some camera white will have problems such as false picture and abnormal exposure when shooting with the camera at the beginning.

In addition, from the perspective of equipment volume, mobile phones are small and lightweight, making it easier to break through the limitations of shooting angle and shooting position, while cameras are less "arbitrary" by contrast.

Another point is that mobile phones now come with multiple lenses, such as ultra-wide angle lenses, portraits, etc., which are very convenient to switch at any time; and cameras want to fully play their own functions, often need tripod, various lenses and other auxiliary equipment support. This convenience of mobile phones also allows mobile phones to take advantage of their own convenience and take good photos.

3. In general, the photo format taken by the camera is larger and has a higher upper limit of tolerance, which is also one of the advantages of the camera compared to the mobile phone.

RAW format photos taken by high-end cameras often start at 30 or 40m. Although the straight effect looks gray and the color is a little dim, it provides a huge operation space for its later editing. The texture and details of the photos are also of high quality.

Although some mobile phones can also take RAW format photos, shooting is an auxiliary function of mobile phones after all, and the photo quality is temporarily not comparable to camera photos.

To sum up, it is quite normal for mobile phone photos to look better than camera photos, especially the straight-out effect. Mobile phones have more advantages. If the main appeal of taking photos is convenience and speed, mobile phones with better quality can fully meet the needs of daily life records.

For a more professional photography experience, it seems that the camera cannot be replaced by a mobile phone.

This article comes from Weixin Official Accounts: Play Point Photography (ID: wakexiao), Author: AGER

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