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Amazon announced that it will sell Hyundai cars on its American website from next year, and local dealers can arrange delivery after placing an order.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 17 (Reuters)-Amazon today issued a joint statement with Hyundai that it will start selling Hyundai cars on Amazon's US website next year, and customers will be able to buy cars directly on and arrange delivery through local Hyundai dealerships.

▲ Touyuan Reuters learned that the agreement between Amazon and Hyundai is an extension of a joint agreement reached between the two companies two years ago to expand Hyundai's "digital display" on Amazon's official website, allowing customers to browse, configure and calculate the final price needed to buy a vehicle in a "more modern way."

In addition, notes that Hyundai claims that buyers of 2025 models will be able to access Amazon's Alexa voice assistant from their cars.

"as we continue to expand our portfolio, develop our sales network and transition to modernisation, the agreement we have reached now will unlock 'incredible opportunities' by working with one of the most customer-centric organizations in the world," Hyundai CEO Jay Chang said in a statement.

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