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Microsoft Xbox games "Black five" discounts online: "Star" HK $399.2, "EA Sports FC 24" HK $274.5, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- November 17, Microsoft Xbox officially released a post on the X platform, announcing that this year's Black Friday promotion has been officially launched.

There is no discount for Hong Kong Services in hardware, and American Services will be able to choose a free game from "Assassin's Creed: illusion", "EA SPORTS UFC 5", "Live Quick fight 0", "Elden Ring", "NFL 24" and "call of Duty: modern Warfare III 2023".

In addition, the Xbox Series X | S bundled XPU 3-month version of the game console can enjoy a discount of US $50 ( Note: currently about RMB 363), a discount of US $5-15 (currently about RMB 36-109) for a designated standard Xbox handle, and a discount of US $44 for Elite handle 2 (currently about RMB319).

In terms of games, collates the prices of related games as follows:

"Starry Sky" HK $399.2 (currently about RMB371)

"EA Sports FC 24" HK $274.5 (currently about RMB255)

"40th Anniversary version of Microsoft simulated Flight" HK $251.4 (currently about RMB234)

"NBA 2K24" HK $274 (currently about RMB255)

"Assassin's Creed: illusion" HK $311.2 (currently about RMB289)

"Diablo 4" 329.4 Hong Kong dollars (currently about RMB306)

"Cyberpunk 2077 + Shadow of the past" HK $423.2 (currently about RMB393)

"Goddess anecdote 5: the Royal Edition" HK $262.8 (currently about RMB244)

"Heritage of Hogwarts" HK $328.8 (currently about RMB305)

"Ultimate Speed: horizon 5" full DLC package (excluding game body) HK $174.5 (currently about RMB162RMB)

The ultimate version of Ultimate Speed: horizon 5 is HK $314.55 (currently about RMB292)

"GTA5 Deluxe Edition" HK $124.5 (currently about RMB116)

"NFL 24" HK $274.5 (currently about RMB255)

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