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Yu Chengdong of Huawei: there are still two "boundaries" after the intellectual world and the boundary, from BAIC and Jianghuai.

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Thanks to netizen stone, paper scissors clue delivery! November 17 news, comprehensive understanding of car emperor, blue whale finance and other media reports, huawei intelligent car solutions BU chairman Yu Chengdong today appeared at the 2023 guangzhou auto show Hongmeng Zhixing booth.

Yu Chengdong revealed in an interview with the emperor that there will be two "boundaries" after asking the world and the intellectual world, from Beiqi and Jianghuai. At the same time, taking advantage of the M9's first public appearance, he also warmed up the new car on the spot: the car has a lot of "secrets," a very small turning radius,"drives like a car," and even "smaller than the M7."

Yu Chengdong said that the safety level of M9 is "the highest" in the whole automobile industry, with top-level safety performance, none of which.

Yu Chengdong was also asked at the scene,"Which is more handsome between S7 and Xiaomi?" Yu Chengdong replied: "Of course ours is more handsome! Everyone says their own is better. " previously reported that during this Guangzhou Auto Show, Huawei's smart car model was upgraded to "Hongmeng Zhixing" and exhibited for the first time. The layout included the previous Inter-World Automobile and the Smart World Automobile released some time ago. Among them,"Technology Car Emperor" asked the world M9 has been unveiled at this auto show, asked the world M5 brand-new "urban glow set" also appeared. The "redefining car" smart world S7 also ushered in its debut during this auto show.

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