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Born for youth, Rong Sheng Shuangjing Pro inlaid 518 refrigerator "double 11" is very popular

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Shulou( Report--

After the energetic "Singles Day", popular style products and best-selling lists have been released one after another. A few days ago, data from Ovi showed that the newly listed Rongsheng double net Pro inlaid 518 refrigerator (French sugar cube) has become a new favorite of the younger generation with simple fashion, unique style and high appearance, and successfully entered the industry TOP list in the week of Singles' Day, becoming a popular style throughout the network, witnessing the new consumption trend of "buying".

In 2023, the flat-embedded product matrix created by Rongsheng can be described as "full blossom". The Rongsheng double-net Pro flat-embedded 506 refrigerator launched in April reached the top of the refrigerator industry in 26 weeks, and the Rongsheng double-net embedded 508 refrigerator was also among the best when it was launched in TOP1;6 in June. The Rongsheng double net Pro flat-embedded 518 French refrigerator just came out on October 25, and the double 11 nodes successfully entered the industry sales TOP6.

Feineng has been recognized by the market as soon as all kinds of new products emerge in the field of home appliances. Rongsheng Shuangjing Pro embedded 518 refrigerator can be said to feel the pulse of diversified and personalized consumption of users, especially young consumers.

The new generation of consumers with the tendency of "dopamine consumption" attach importance to interest consumption and emotional value consumption, driving related goods to become "dark horses". In the field of home appliances, they are more willing to pay for simple and fashionable, unique style and good-looking home appliance design. Set ultra-thin flat inlay, French box design in one of the Rongsheng double-net Pro inlay 518 refrigerator hit the core demand, and for home life to bring functional requirements, visual beauty level of universal value, but also can resonate the deep emotional value.

60CM flat embedded, with unique streamline design, perfectly embedded in the cabinet, square inch, the "front does not protrude, side does not leave seams" the ultimate aesthetic display incisively and vividly;-31 ℃ freeze lock fresh, do not destroy food cell tissue, shrimp head does not change color, dumpling skin does not crack, so that the delicious food is always fresh IDP global double purification, negative ion active detoxification and sterilization, 24-hour monitoring, each opening, is the fresh breath of nature; French multi-door design, light extravagant art panels, 7-layer relief technology, just like a family work of art. It can be said that Rongsheng double net Pro inlaid 518 refrigerator annotates the new imagination of contemporary quality of life.

With the function, with the sense of beauty, but also with the temperature. With the blessing of the Internet, Rongsheng double clean Pro embedded 518 refrigerator is also the wisdom of the family. This refrigerator has a smart connection function, which can connect to an intelligent management system through a mobile phone anytime, anywhere, learn about the status of the refrigerator, adjust the temperature, check the list of ingredients, smart side dishes, and get cooking advice and healthy recipes. It can be said that it is not only a refrigerator, but also more like a thoughtful butler, bringing more convenience and fun to the lives of young people. In the future, Rongsheng refrigerator will continue to deeply link the needs of young people and promote the upgrading and development of the industry structure driven by scientific and technological innovation.

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