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It is difficult for Game for Peace's popular anchors to start again, starting the first show of Kuaishou live broadcast at 7 p.m. on November 18.

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"it's hard to say one meter and eight meters, and the technology is excellent." For tactical competitive gamers, the unspeakable name of anchorman Game for Peace is no stranger. Boarded the NASDAQ big screen, challenged the first "100Lianji" of the whole network, won Game for Peace's first anchor of six gods of war, and created the first five-finger key operation. While winning a series of honors, he also gained the love of nearly 5000 million fans and became a veritable top anchor. Recently, it is difficult to announce a new start in Kuaishou, and the first live show of Kuaishou will be launched at 7: 00 p.m. on November 18.

Do not forget the original ideal and ambition, complete a gorgeous transformation to review the unspeakable experience of fame, the focus and love for the game throughout. As early as the era of PC games, it is difficult to say that he is a loyal player of FPS games. As shooting mobile games are popular in the game circle, and he is not willing to be a spectator, he decided to join the game video field-in 2016, he began to update game teaching videos, and by virtue of in-depth mining of content and selfless sharing of experience, it is gradually favored by players, in which the "blue and white porcelain M4" series has created a generation of famous players.

When the time came to 2018, the predecessor of "Game for Peace", "PUBG: exciting Battlefield" was unveiled, unspeakably keenly seizing the opportunity of the times and opening a live broadcast career with a magic skill of eight times the pressure gun. After entering the field of game live broadcasting, on the basis of maintaining a good state of mind and superb technology, he developed an excellent ability to do a good job. In just one month, he quickly became popular and became a head game anchor.

As a leader in game anchors, it is hard to say that he became the first game anchor to land on Nasdaq, and the reputation of "the first person to eat chicken in mobile games" attracted the world's attention; along with 98K Divine Comedy, he eliminated the game picture of one person saying "sorry" and became popular all over the network that summer; while the live broadcast successfully challenged "100 connected Chicken", it can be called the epic honor of the whole network. Becoming the first anchorman of the six war gods of Game for Peace is an eye-opener for netizens.

Good at content, and Kuaishou staged a two-way run in recent years, compared with the recovery of the entire game industry in the shock, Kuaishou game content ecological growth momentum is very obvious. Public data show that Kuaishou currently has more than 200 million daily active users of game content, an increase of 30% over the same period last year, and more than 50 million active creators, an increase of 42% over the same period last year. Among them, the Game for Peace content of Kuaishou has significant advantages in the whole industry, and the characteristic activities and boutique content around the head anchors also emerge in endlessly, which greatly strengthens the emotional connection between the anchors and fans.

During this period, although he has experienced ups and downs in his live broadcast career outside the station, he has always maintained a bond with Kuaishou Laotie. His Kuaishou account @ unspeakable not only has more than 25.65 million fans, but also has 250 million likes. Each short video is full of funny or warm messages. Inspired by fans' feelings and platform policies, I decided to set sail again in Kuaishou and complete the long-awaited two-way trip with my brothers to create more high-quality content in a warm and inclusive community atmosphere.

Recently, it is hard to say that the official announced his return in the form of self-introduction on his Kuaishou account, sounding the bugle of "Yan's Group" gathering in Kuaishou with only a word of "great love and great honor". The short video instantly hit the Kuaishou hot list, with more than 22.05 million views, and the data has been growing, proving once again the influence of top anchors. The floodgates of fans' memories were opened and blessings were sent one after another in the comment area, hoping to write a new story in Kuaishou.

Go out with Shaq and do freestyle work with millions of welfare

For the first show of Kuaishou live broadcast on November 18, it is difficult to do it yourself in guest invitations and program arrangements. Among them, the face-to-face with the same level of technical anchor Shark, bringing "unspeakable Shark first 50V50" scene, will undoubtedly be the beginning of a Tianxiu. And this high-end entertainment bureau is not only a strong showdown between two veteran Game for Peace anchors, it is said that a number of head anchors will also join the game. Who else will go to war? Who on earth can be better? What kind of punishment will the loser receive? Here comes the highlight!

In addition to the rich live content, it is hard to say that he also spread welfare in the first show, giving back to the vast number of fans. Judging from the current information, during the event, you can complete the task of "follow the difficult Kuaishou account + book the live broadcast of the first show" on the event page, and you can participate in the extraction of iPhone, iPad, gold bars and other gifts. At the same time, in order to increase the interaction of the event and enhance the sense of participation of fans, users with the topic # Welcome to Kuaishou to release the relevant video, but also have the opportunity to unlock the big prize.

It can be predicted that as a network-wide head anchor of Game for Peace, it is difficult to say that it brings not only a popular live broadcast of Kuaishou games, but also a powerful supplement to the ecology of Kuaishou games and a strong attraction to more gamers. At the same time, with the addition of more and more diverse game anchors, the diverse and unique Kuaishou game ecology will further take shape, and let the outside world see the overall influence of Kuaishou games in the market.

In the warm-blooded live broadcast debut, it is hard to say what kind of spark can collide with Kuaishou? What interesting content will it bring to fans? What kind of eye-catching achievements will be achieved? Search for "unspeakable Kuaishou Live debut" on Kuaishou, and you can make an appointment for live broadcast at 7 p.m. on November 18 to witness the high-burning moment together!

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