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Chongqing Fire "likes" T3 Travel: online ride-hailing makes fire "cloud class" flow in the city.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, the Chongqing Fire Safety Commission launched the theme activity of 2023 Fire publicity month and presented awards for the city's most beautiful fire volunteers and excellent fire volunteer service projects in 2023. Among them, Banan District T3 ride-hailing fire "cloud classroom" volunteer service team was rated as an excellent fire volunteer service team.

It is understood that the Chongqing Fire Safety Commission recently launched a typical selection and delivery activity for the city's fire voluntary service in 2023. After local declaration and expert review, 5 excellent fire voluntary service projects and 10 most beautiful fire volunteers were selected from 32 fire voluntary service projects and 48 fire volunteers.

Starting from 2020, T3 travel Chongqing Branch has established cooperation with Chongqing Banan District Fire Rescue Detachment to set up a "cloud classroom" for ride-hailing fire fighting. Using each port of T3 travel platform, with the help of human-computer interaction and mobile Internet delivery, the "fire prevention knowledge publicity" is implanted into the system, and the T3 travel fire volunteer service team is set up to form online and offline interaction.

At present, T3 Travel Fire Volunteer Service team has more than 1000 volunteer drivers. On this basis, T3 Travel Chongqing Branch regularly organizes fire prevention volunteer drivers to participate in fire safety knowledge training, fire fighting and escape drills, walking into fire stations and other activities to learn fire prevention and escape knowledge and master the use of common fire fighting equipment, so that drivers can increase their fire prevention skills and emergency handling ability in practice, and enhance their awareness of fire safety.

Since the launch of the online ride-hailing fire "cloud classroom" project, T3 has carried out offline services nearly 100 times and participated in offline voluntary service for 4000 people. This measure has also enabled more than 40 million passengers in Chongqing to learn about fire services and information.

"in Chongqing, passengers can encounter a ride-hailing fire cloud class as long as they take any T3 ride-hailing car. we hope that through an authentic Chongqing fire hint and an interesting fire pop-up window, more drivers and passengers will enhance their awareness of fire safety and self-protection, and contribute to safe travel." In this regard, T3 travel to the western region in charge of Liu Siyuan said.

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