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Hisense Ma Xiaolong: insisting on customer standard and value delivery is the hard core background of Hisense passing through the economic cycle.

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On November 17, the 2023 China Intelligent Transportation Conference sponsored by the China Intelligent Transportation Association was held in Xiamen. Dr. Ma Xiaolong, president of Hisense Network Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on "thinking and practice of Intelligent Transportation Construction and Governance Services under the New situation". He pointed out: Hisense insists on customer-centered, practical value delivery, achievement through the economic cycle of the hard core background, to achieve sustained and steady growth!

In recent years, under the influence of the superposition of internal and external factors, intelligent transportation is facing many uncertainties and great changes. Problems such as the connection between short-term construction demand and long-term sustainable application, the integration and symbiosis of technological progress and management upgrading, and the continuous coordination of local innovation and overall intellectual governance are facing the industry. Breaking the situation is the road that intelligent transportation enterprises must take.

Stand by breaking the game and be born to the new. In the long-term exploration and practice, Hisense has formed five persistence, namely, adhere to customer-centered, application-oriented, product innovation, turnkey project, and new technology investment. We have found the hard-core background of passing through the economic cycle and achieving steady growth.

Insist on being customer-centered. Consumers and technology dominate the market economy, and consumers ultimately determine the market. "customer-centered" has been integrated into the Hisense development gene and become a solid foundation for the sustained growth of enterprises. Only by combining technology with customer needs, can we really make good products and solutions.

Stick to application orientation. Intelligent transportation should be practical and applicable. Hisense bases on customer needs, strengthens application orientation and landing application scenarios, insists on customizing solutions suitable for local traffic characteristics for each city in the spirit of craftsmen, and helps cities to achieve intelligent and fine traffic management. wade out an application-oriented technological innovation path.

Adhere to product innovation. Hisense always firmly believes in the power of technology, no matter how the market environment changes, the customer's rigid demand will not change. Innovation divorced from customer needs is like water without a source and a tree without roots. Hisense insists that it must make customers feel easy to use, willing to use, and bring unwavering value to customers, building 30 + independent products that serve traffic management departments and transportation enterprises.

Stick to the turnkey project. The more confident you are in the future, the more patient you will be in the present. Delivery is a handicraft, meticulous work, Hisense products and programs have been used in 176 cities across the country, of which 39 municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capitals and cities separately listed on the plan, 36 cities are using Hisense's solutions, accounting for 92%. In the past five years, in TOP10 cities, Wucheng has used Hisense products.

Adhere to the investment in new technology. Hisense has the blood of "technology enterprise" in its bones, and firmly believes that to enter every market field, there must be the precipitation of core products. In the field of intelligent transportation, Hisense builds the support capability of multi-scene artificial intelligence, forming the core algorithm of 500+AI and the ability of scene. The almost paranoid insistence on technology has built a solid foundation for Hisense to lead the industry.

Go steady and go far, forge ahead and have a bright future. The rapid rise of Hisense network technology, which has been rooted in intelligent transportation for 25 years, has formed a value delivery system covering talent ability training, innovative technology cultivation and excellent experience precipitation, which has become the second growth curve of Hisense.

Create a first-class R & D and sales network. Innovation is the soul of R & D, to create a professional R & D team with more than 1500 people, to build a nationwide customer service network, and to provide solid backing for the landing of products / solutions.

Accumulate leading technological innovation achievements. Hisense has a national intelligent engineering center for urban road traffic equipment, a smart Yunnao manufacturing innovation center, and a leading industry in patent soft works, standard-setting, leading scientific and technological achievements, major scientific and technological projects, and so on. it has won more than 300 national provincial and municipal awards and more than 60 international advanced or leading achievements.

Build a product system that understands business results. "We always insist that understanding the industry is the key and innovation is important, but we must not change quality standards and traditional but applicable methods on the grounds of innovation." Dr. Ma Xiaolong pointed out that Hisense has formed an independent product system covering six subdivided areas, such as public security traffic control, intelligent public transportation, intelligent highway, rail transit, transportation hub, and intelligent parking.

Form the customized design of the system specialty. In the design stage, one city, one policy is the basic adherence of Hisense. After years of project experience, Hisense will analyze and simplify the complex city-level governance problems step by step, from problem identification, scheme design to scheme integration, to create a plan tailored to meet the individual needs of each city, and to solve local problems from a global perspective.

Establish a tightly controlled engineering system. Delivery is a handicraft job, Hisense has lost money on the project, there is no unfinished project. Dr. Ma Xiaolong stressed that Hisense adheres to the quality concept of "quality is character", aims to turn each project into a high-quality project, and the project delivery management system is managed in accordance with stages and milestones, ensuring the quality of project delivery through 45 key tasks. ensure that the value is fully transferred to customers to achieve 100% project delivery rate.

Be cohesive and pragmatic. Information upgrading is only in progress, when it is not completed, Hisense will continue to strengthen its technology enabling business, ecological open development, independent brands to go to sea, and draw a beautiful blueprint for the next 25 years.

At the technical level, deep ploughing cloud brain technology to build an integrated intelligent system of three-dimensional perception, global collaboration, accurate decision-making and continuous evolution. At the ecological level, the construction of altruistic win-win industrial alliance ecology can enable the high-quality development of intelligent transportation industry. At the overseas level, we will unswervingly anchor the globalization strategy, export Chinese standards, programs and products to the world, lead Chinese intelligent transportation enterprises to usher in a new era of "overall system going out to sea, export technology model", and practice "Hisense's future development. The majority is overseas"!

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