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In the form of a preview version, Microsoft confirms that Copilot will be introduced into Win10.

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Shulou( Report--, November 17 (Xinhua) Microsoft officially released a supporting document "how can we maximize value in Windows 10", confirming that Copilot will be introduced into Win10.

The official Microsoft support document is attached to as follows:

We constantly evaluate how to adapt to the latest technological advances in order to best meet people's needs.

In the past year, AI's rapid innovation has changed the technology landscape, and we are re-evaluating all our products, including Windows, in this way.

Just like the value and importance of computers to everyone's life in the COVID pandemic, we believe that computers have further increased the value and importance of computers in the new era of AI, while Copilot has further highlighted its important position in Windows.

We have heard excellent feedback about Windows (Copilot preview), and we hope to extend this value to more people.

As a result, we are re-examining the Windows 10 approach and will make additional investments to ensure that everyone can experience Copilot from their Windows computers, including the preview version, for maximum value.

We will also add the "get the latest updates immediately after getting the latest updates" switch to the Win10 system, and we will share more information through regular channels, including the Windows version health dashboard message center, Microsoft 365 message center, release notes, and other communications.

The source said that Microsoft plans to introduce Copilot AI assistant in the future version update of Win10, the whole experience is the same as Win11 system, users can click the Copilot button in the taskbar and perform various operations in the sidebar.

It is reported that one of the main reasons why Microsoft is devolved to the Win10 system is that there are currently more than 1 billion devices with monthly active users in Win10 and 400 million devices in Win11. Microsoft doesn't want to miss out on these 1 billion potential users, so devolving Copilot is a natural thing.

Important explanation

The date of termination of support on October 14, Windows 10 2025 remains the same.

Copilot in Windows is currently available in the form of a preview. We will continue to use your feedback to experiment with new ideas and methods.

Copilot currently offers preview versions in some global markets. We intend to increase more markets over time.

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