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Cool launched a 65W flash gallium nitride charger with a price of 99 yuan.

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Thanks to netizen Muir Seth for his clue delivery! November 18 news, Cool recently launched a new 65W power flash gallium nitride charger, has been on the e-commerce platform, the price of 99 yuan. summarizes the parameter information of the charger:

Cool state 65W flash charging gallium nitride charger model for AD653C, with a classic gray appearance, V0 fireproof material shell, equipped with folding pins for easy to carry. BWH is about 53x53.9x28mm in size. According to officials, the size of Apple's 67W charger is 48% smaller than that of Apple's 67W charger. It comes with three USB quick charging interfaces with 2C1A, which can charge three devices at the same time.

In terms of performance, the USB-C1 of the charger supports up to 65W output, USB-C2 supports up to 33W fast charging, USB-A supports 22.5W fast charging, and multiple ports output 45Waf5V3A at the same time. According to officials, it can charge about 80% of Xiaomi 14 phones in 20 minutes and 68% of Samsung S23 Ultra in half an hour.

Tmall Cool Section PD65W charger 99 yuan direct link

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