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The 2100 exchange power station of Lulai Automobile was completed in the Hukou service area of G22 Qinglan Expressway.

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Thanks to netizens Eisnier and Xichang for the clues of the past! November 18 news, Lulai Automobile announced that the 2100 exchange power station in the G22 Qinglan Expressway Hukou service area (Qingdao-Lanzhou Expressway, service area is located in Yichuan County, Yan'an, Shaanxi Province) was officially launched today, so far, a total of 2103 exchange stations and 19824 charging piles have been built nationwide.

Among the 2103 power stations, there are 646 high-speed power stations. In addition, there are 3402 charging stations, 19824 charging piles and 960000 square piles. The official goal is to fully build a high-speed power transfer network of 9 vertical and 19 horizontal urban agglomerations by 2025.

As of today, the layout of the Weilai power station has been added to 798 this year, with users changing electricity more than 32 million times, with an average of 60,000 times a day. Officials say an average of one car starts from the station every 1.44s.

According to 's previous report, the 2000 exchange power station of Ulai was completed on October 26 on the Silk Road, in the direction of Horgos, the service area of G30 Lianhuo Highway. This means that within 23 days, another 100 power stations have been put online in Weilai. In July 2022, the 1000 Weilai power station was replaced and it took 15 months between 1000 and 2000.

On October 28, Lai Motor announced that the Jinzhong urban agglomeration high-speed power exchange network was officially opened, with a total of 18 high-speed power stations connecting 9 prefecture-level cities in Shanxi, including G5 Beijing-Kunming Expressway, G55 Erguang Expressway and G20 Qingyin Expressway.

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