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(update: smooth thermal separation, second stage missing) Musk fights the most powerful human rocket again, and the SpaceX starship launches its second flight test.

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Thanks to netizen Mie Yang, Karamazov for the clue delivery! 21:55 Update: SpaceX's John Insprucker confirms that the team has lost signal from the second stage rocket. He added that the second stage's flight termination system was activated later than expected, suggesting the rocket may have veered off course and triggered self-destruction.

SpaceX Starship's Second Launch: 33 Engines Start Properly, Second Stage Rocket Fails and Loses Contact

Update at 21:22: The official live broadcast has been suspended, will follow up with follow-up news. November 18 news, SpaceX Starship (Starship/Starship) second comprehensive test launch at 9 o 'clock tonight, officials delayed 40 seconds, to carry out the final inspection.

The second flight test was the first to employ a new staging method called hot-staging, a hot stage separation system for the super-heavy Raptor engine and a new electronic thrust vectoring (TVC) system, in addition to base reinforcement and water-cooled steel flame deflectors and many other enhancements.

▲ Musk looked serious as of, the superheavy rocket (B9) and the starship spacecraft (S25) were successfully thermally separated, but the picture showed that the superheavy rocket (B9) exploded after separation, and the starship was temporarily fine.

Although the official live broadcast stated that the rocket exploded as "as expected," the official footage did not cut into the final explosion.

The starship had begun its maiden flight on April 20 this year, but an accident occurred about four minutes after the mission, and ground controllers were forced to issue a self-destruct order. Starship did not respond immediately, causing dangerous delays over the Gulf.

The explosion caused several serious problems, including severe damage to the launcher, multiple wildfires, impacts on local wildlife and debris scattered over hundreds of acres.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) concluded its investigation into the Starship launch failure in September and submitted a list of 63 corrective actions to SpaceX to secure its next Starship launch license.

SpaceX has made a number of changes to the launch pad since the ship's first launch, including steel reinforcement under the launcher and a new water shower system to suppress the power of the ship's 33 Raptor engines.

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