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Large-scale update + free delivery, V Society FPS game "half Life" set an online record of 31068 people.

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Shulou( Report--, November 19 (Xinhua)-- in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "half Life", the V Society has released a large update and is open to free collection (as of November 21). Under the superposition of the two Buff, "half Life" set an online record, reaching 31068 online players within 24 hours, and there are now 19811 online players. inquired about SteamDB and learned that before giving away for free (18:00 on November 17), the number of "half-life" online was only 693 (17:50 on November 17). After giving away for free, the number soared to 13462 at 0: 00 on November 18.

It is understood that "half a Life" joined four new multi-person maps, created by the V Club checkpoint designer, breaking through the limits of the engine.

Game introduction:

The "best of the year" jointly recommended by 50 media, Valve uses the grand prize technology to design a new generation of action and adventure games to create a frightening real world, between life and death. The game provides an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with your friends and enemies from all over the world.

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