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The real-time strategy game Warhammer Sigma Age: the Land of destruction is now on sale at RMB 198 in Steam.

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Shulou( Report--, November 19 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- Warhammer Sigma era of destruction is a real-time strategy game developed and released by Frontier Developments. It was officially released on November 18 on PC, PS5, XSX | S platforms.

With the Warhammer Sigma era universe as the background, you can lead four camps with a unique style in the plot campaign to join the battle and test your courage by fighting warlords from afar through online multiplayer games.

The game is divided into three versions and is priced at 198,238,252 yuan in Steam China. As of 's release, the game has received 77% favorable reviews on Steam.

The game provides movie-level battle plots and colorful multiplayer modes, while supporting players to create their own maps and share contests with others.

Embark on the road of conquest and launch a brutal battle in this real-time strategy game that shakes all domains against the background of the Warhammer Sigma era. Lead four camps with unique style in the plot campaign, devote themselves to a variety of different battles, and test their courage by fighting with distant warlords through online multiplayer games.

Movie-level campaign plot: integrate the plot created by Gavin Thorpe, a famous writer of Black Library, to experience the conflicts of various characters in the extreme environment of the barbaric world.

Rich and colorful multiplayer mode: join the cross-platform 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer competition, form a free team with humans and AI, and compete with each other, better able to climb the 1v1 ladder.

Never-ending conqueror: a single person challenges a series of levels automatically generated by the program to face the final enemy.

Endless creation: create your own map and share the contest with others. Arbitrarily arrange the color of the unit model, make an unforgettable scene and show your personality.

According to Nvidia's official data, when the game has a 4K resolution and starts the highest setting, GeForce RTX players can increase the frame rate by an average of 63% by turning on DLSS 2.

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