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Watching Tmall Shuang 11 Industrial Belt by remote Sensing Satellite: more eye-catching than in previous years

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Shulou( Report--

Data from Taobao show that during Tmall's double 11 this year, a total of 740 Taobao industrial belts achieved sales of more than 100 million yuan, of which 82 industrial belts had sales of more than 1 billion yuan.

Among the Taobao industrial belts with sales of 1 billion yuan, beauty / body / essential oil industrial belts in Suzhou and Shanghai, women's wear / ladies' boutique industrial belts in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Jiaxing, jewelry / diamond / jadeite / gold industrial belts in Shenzhen, residential furniture industrial belts in Foshan and Beijing rank high; some industrial belts are close to the 10 billion yuan mark.

The double 11 night light map released by Beijing Sixiang Love Digital Technology Co., Ltd. shows that more than 50 industrial belts on Taobao are brightly lit, which is more eye-catching than in previous years. This phenomenon coincides with the double 11 night light map released by Beijing Sixiang Love Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Based on the comparative analysis of the luminous image data since November this year, it is found that 55 industrial belts in at least 18 cities are brightly lit during Tmall's double 11, which is more dazzling than in previous years, and these industrial belts are the head industrial belts of Taobao. It broke out during this year's double 11. Through artificial intelligence data mining of domestic and foreign and self-owned remote sensing satellite data, Sixiang technology has fully integrated optics, radar, infrared and other remote sensing imaging techniques, and has developed a number of macroeconomic index products, involving infrastructure, road network, shipping logistics, commodities and other fields. It can provide objective, timely and accurate data basis and decision-making reference for macroeconomic research, industry trend judgment, enterprise management analysis and so on.

Affected by cold air and cold wave, the sales volume of Tmall's windbreak by the industrial belt ushered in a big explosion. According to the data released by Taobao, Guangzhou is the densest industrial belt for women's clothing merchants on Taobao. Since the launch of Tmall double 11, Guangzhou women's wear industry belt strength businessmen have made a good start. From October 24 to November 3, kumikumi grew by 97.14% year-on-year; the official Moco outlets store grew by 87.1% year-on-year; black strawberry STRAWBERRY increased by 47.98%.

This year, a large number of "Huitao" merchants have performed well in Singles' Day. Taobao women's clothing merchants Beakeo studio pajamas, this year "return to Amoy" to warm winter series of clothing, pajamas-based. From October 24 to November 2, the average daily order volume of the store increased by 169% compared with the same period last year, and the average daily sales increased by 201%.

In order to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses to make brands, Taobao clothing set up an operation center in Guangdong in September 2023, which is the first time that Taobao clothing industry has set up an exclusive operation center outside Hangzhou. At the same time, 1688, the source factory direct sales platform of Taotian Group, upgraded the origin map before Singles Day, making it convenient for Taobao sellers to purchase goods immersively through the map, and the precision of the map can even reach the production workshop of a source factory. The 4th to 6th floors of the New China Building where Guangzhou Shishihang, the first wholesale market for women's wear, is located represents the trend of the women's wear industry, with most of the head stalls occupying 1688 before Singles Day.

Luo Zhendong, a professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Nanjing University and an expert on Taobao Village, believes that the Guangzhou women's wear industry belt is undergoing a new round of structural adjustment. The industrial chain and supply chain model which has relied on Shahe and other wholesale markets for a long time are being replaced by new models. He predicts that Chinese fashion brands similar to Uniqlo may emerge in the Taobao women's wear industry belt.

Tmall double 11 tea set hot sales, this is a Jingdezhen ceramic factory kiln in addition to "Amoy", there are many industrial belts ushered in a new "Amoy" group. Recently, under the guidance of the government of Zhushan District of Jingdezhen City, the New Youth Hutian porcelain Society of Jingdezhen City jointly broadcast Taobao and Taobao live, and relying on the party committee of Jingdezhen "Jingpiao" mobile party members, launched the "foreign scenery drift into Amoy" project to organize local young scenery drifting into Amoy to open shops and direct broadcast rooms.

The reporter learned that Taobao is building the ceramic industry belt into a new track of 10 billion yuan. On November 15, Taobao home decoration industry and relevant departments in Zhushan District of Jingdezhen jointly held Jingdezhen x Taobao "Ceramic Aesthetics inheritance Plan" conference on Sanbaopeng gallery, helping tens of thousands of Jingdezhen enterprises, craftsmen, 60,000 scenic drifts and more than 5,000 foreign scenery drifts, as well as well-known historical kilns to open up Taobao channels in an all-round way.

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