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2023 Meizu autumn unbounded ecology conference is scheduled for November 30, the new Flyme ecology, Meizu 21 mobile phones, AR smart glasses and other products will be unveiled.

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Thanks to netizens, Lunliu failed, Xiao Bing's clue delivery! news on November 20, 2023 Meizu autumn boundless ecology conference official announced the file at 14:30 on November 30, will bring new Flyme and Flyme Auto ecosystem, Meizu 21, AR smart glasses, PANDAER and other products. previously reported that the advance subscription of Meizu 21 exceeded 150000, and the white panel version of Meizu 21 will be sold at the same time as other versions.

According to officials, Meizu 21 has a 1.74mm narrow frame, which is known as "challenging the narrowest lower frame in the world" and achieves the physical fourth-class edge.

The blogger @ digital chat station revealed that the size of the white version of Meizu 21 mobile phone is not much different from that of the competition, and the border control is very "friendly", which is determined in the 4K price range.

At present, Xinji Meizu's first AR smart glasses product has been blindly booked, which is known as "extremely thin". According to the official warm-up information of Meizu, the glasses are connected by "dual-mode true wireless" with the slogan "unattached", which means there is no need to use physical wires to connect power and data devices.

As can be seen from the official poster, the glasses' legs are designed with radians and appear to have loudspeaker openings. Combined with the previous posters released by Xingji Meizu, it is almost certain that the glasses are a lightweight design similar to ordinary glasses / sunglasses.

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"the advance booking of Meizu 21 model has exceeded 150000, and if it breaks 200000, it will take another 180 days to replace the repair service."

It is reported that Starry Meizu has received a total of 2 billion yuan in financing and will make an "official attack" in the automotive field.

"Star Meizu AR smart glasses preheat: dual-mode true wireless, known as" unattached "

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