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Tesla Model S Plaid carbon ceramic brake kit goes on sale: unlock 322km/h top speed, sell 109494 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 20 news, Tesla Model S Plaid carbon ceramic brake kit on the official website of China, can make Model S Plaid model achieve better performance, the price of 109494 yuan.

During track driving, the kit provides stronger braking force and heat resistance, enhances the vehicle's track stability to improve track lap times, and the vehicle will also be able to unlock the highest speed of 322 km/h.

The kit includes all-new forged calipers, carbon ceramic brake discs, high-performance brake pads and track-specific brake fluids. Among them, the brake disc adopts 3D matrix design and continuous carbon fiber material to increase strength and improve thermal management efficiency.

To improve durability, the entire brake disc surface is covered with a ceramic friction coating that reduces particulate matter, corrosion and wear during braking while improving pedal feel for everyday driving. comes with kit content:

2 x 410 x 40 mm carbon ceramic front brake discs

2 x 410 x 32 mm carbon ceramic rear brake discs

6-piston forged front caliper with 2 high performance brake pads

4-piston forged rear caliper with 2 high performance brake pads

2 parking brake systems integrated with rear brake calipers

Track brake fluid

Updated firmware tuned for optimal performance

The purchase price includes modification costs, and installation services are provided by Tesla Service Center. Kit is only available for Model S Plaid vehicles manufactured in 2022 and later and only for 21-inch spider wheels.

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