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High-level smart car free subscription for 6 months! Jiyue 01 will be connected to more than 1500 + ecological brands.

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The new energy transformation of automobiles is sweeping the global automobile industry. At the 2023 Guangzhou International Auto Show, the number of new energy vehicles accounted for nearly half of the 1132 vehicles on display, reaching 469. new energy is still the well-deserved protagonist of this auto show.

However, intelligence does not mean the stacking of cars in hardware configuration, but to effectively solve the pain points of users in various travel scenarios, and enhance the driving experience by intelligent means. Blindly stacking configuration not only fails to maximize the role of hardware, but also drives up the cost of cars, eventually making consumers pay for it. This virtually puts forward higher requirements for the technology of automobile manufacturers and the ability of supply chain integration.

According to this standard, among the large number of intelligent models participating in the exhibition, the world's first AI car robot Ji Yue 01, which just appeared on the market recently, must be an unavoidable topic.

First build 8295 chip, SEA vast architecture, the flagship of benchmarking intelligence under the blessing of giants

Why did Ji Yue attract so much attention at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show? The first is the intelligent ability of Ji Yue 01 that people like to talk about.

Take smart driving, for example, the more it is the only car manufacturer in China that adopts a "pure visual" smart driving program. A video of a city pilot-assisted driving test released earlier shows that a Ji-Yue 01, which uses a pure visual perception scheme, ran through Shanghai's Lujiazui-Bund-Nanpu Bridge with a point-to-point pilot assisted PPA, and took over the whole journey without taking over.

PPA is the core function of Ji Yue's advanced intelligent driving assistance system, which means that Ji Yue 01 has become the world's first "pure vision" urban high-end smart driving scheme "out of the box" smart car. Under the leadership of Ji Yue, it is conceivable that there will be another big competition for the landing of urban smart drivers in China.

Guangzhou Auto Show site, set CEO, Ji Yue CEO Xia Yiping announced that in January next year, Ji Yue 01 will update OCC network technology through OTA upgrade on the basis of BEV+Transformer, greatly enhance the ability to identify special-shaped obstacles and the ability to generalize the scene, and achieve BEV+Transformer+OCC 's "pure vision" high-level intelligent driving complete technical system.

From the point of view of whether or not to use integrated lidar, if there is still some controversy about the route of the smart driving scheme, then OCC occupies the boarding of network technology, which will greatly reduce the space of this controversy.

In terms of wisdom module, Ji Yue has also shown a far leading strength. As a model carried by the first Qualcomm 8295 chip, Ji Yue 01 really realizes "what you say is what you get". All the functions of the whole vehicle can be controlled through voice interaction, covering not only inside and outside the car, supporting four-way simultaneous talk, continuous dialogue, etc., but also can integrate voice, gesture, visual recognition and other multi-modal interaction, in the offline state without the network, does not affect the smooth and smooth voice interaction.

As a car brand growing up on its back and Geely, Ji Yue 01 has received great attention from the outside world since the brand was born. At the Guangzhou Auto Show, Ji Yue 01 has become the darling of the audience and the media.

In the final analysis, it all benefits from the support of the more powerful R & D and manufacturing strength. In terms of vehicle manufacturing, based on Geely's vast SEA architecture, Ji Yue 01 has obtained excellent driving control and safety assurance.

According to the content released at the Guangzhou Auto Show, after the OTA early next year, Jiyue will connect SIMO and smart home to realize car control home and home control car. At that time, users can directly control small speakers, small smart screens and more than 1500 small ecological cooperative brands through SIMO.

These capabilities are exactly what traditional car companies and new forces do not have. It can be said that Ji Yue has a unique advantage in building cars.

Superimposed many rights and interests, at least more than 230000 yuan to drive away the car robot

In addition to benchmarking intelligence and driving control ability, the extremely attractive price rights and interests given after the listing of Ji Yue 01 is also a major reason for its popularity.

Ji Yue 01 officially launched and started delivery on October 27, launching two configuration models, Ji Yue 01 Max and Ji Yue 01 Max Performance, with a price ranging from 24.99 yuan to 339900 yuan. From the point of view of the listing price alone, the advantage of Ji Yue 01 in a large number of similar products is not obvious, but if combined with the listing rights and interests, its advantages will be highlighted undoubtedly.

According to the official rights and interests, during the listing of Ji Yue 01, users immediately decided to enjoy a comprehensive equity discount with a maximum value of 70000 yuan, including a deposit of 5000 yuan to 10000 yuan for car purchase, a maximum of 15000 yuan, and so on. Considering the richness of Ji Yue 01 configuration, how to achieve the best balance between intelligence, performance-to-price ratio and practicality? We have deduced the following typical schemes for you.

First of all, if you are the "number one player" of Jiyue, that is, you have previously participated in the reservation, then you can use 1000 to expand to 10,000, which is equivalent to directly reducing the price discount of 9000 yuan. At the same time, if you participate in the 5000 expansion of 10,000 activities at the time of the big booking, there will be a price discount of 5000 yuan, which adds up to a discount of 14000 yuan, which is equivalent to the price range of 230000.

First of all, for users who value driving comfort, they need to choose a comfort set on the basis of buying Ji Yue 01 Max, due to the discount of 15000 yuan, which is equivalent to only 0 yuan to get Nappa leather seats, front seat ventilation, seat massage, ROBO SOUND sound system and many other comfortable configurations. At the same time, if you have the number one player's rights and interests (that is, the blind rights and interests of early birds), the intention payment of 1000 yuan can also be expanded into a car purchase model of 10000 yuan, directly reduced by 9000 yuan, enjoying price reduction and additional allocation.

Secondly, if you are a user who pays more attention to intelligence and the sense of movement of driving, you can consider buying Ji Yue 01 Max Performance with a time-limited discount of 19900 yuan for ROBO Drive Max high-order intelligent assistant driving. With the selection of 15000 yuan, that is to say, you can actually buy out the high-level intelligent driving system with the best experience at the original price of 49900 yuan with only 4900 yuan.

In addition, there is a great demand for long-distance travel, and users who want the new car to have long-distance range. Then you need to install an upgrade package based on the purchase of Ji Yue 01 Max, which can increase the CLTC mileage from 550km to 720km, which greatly improves the battery life. Superimposed 15000 yuan optional, 5000 yuan fixed expansion and 9000 yuan number one player rights and interests, the original price of 45000 yuan of the upgrade package can actually be bought as little as 16000 yuan. In this configuration, users can achieve high range and avoid mileage anxiety in the most cost-effective way.

Through the above three schemes, the purchase needs of most users can basically be met. For users with other needs, targeted configurations can also be made, such as upgrading 19-inch aerodynamic wheels to 21-inch sports wheels to meet the pursuit of higher sports performance, or buying multiple sets at the same time. Buy out high-end smart driving systems while improving battery life. Compared with only a few standard options for some models on the market, Ji Yue's car purchase plan is much more flexible.

By inviting friends to buy a car, Jiyue users can further reduce the cost of buying a car. For each person invited, they can get an invitation reward of 5000 yuan, invite more and enjoy the most cost-effective.

It is worth mentioning that the three vehicle rights and interests of Jiyue are currently being given away for free for a limited time, including 8000 yuan worth of lifetime vehicle and three electricity warranty, lifetime road rescue, 7500 yuan worth of DC home piling or 2-year free recharging, and 5880 yuan worth of ROBO Drive Max 6-month free subscription.

Taking advantage of the node that Ji Yue 01 has just listed, it is the best time to start with this benchmark intelligent product.

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