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Two weeks after the release of the illusory 5R game Ark: survival soaring, Steam sales have exceeded 600000.

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Shulou( Report-- November 20 news,"Ark Survival Ascending" is a Studio Wildcard developed and released "Ark Survival Evolution" fully upgraded version/next generation version of the game, based on Unreal Engine 5 (Unreal Engine 5), PC version has been opened on October 26 Early Access, 320 yuan in the national area.

Publisher Snail Games announced that within two weeks of its release, the game had sold over 600,000 copies on Steam.

Snail Games said it was pleased with the game's performance on YouTube, becoming the most streamed game on YouTube within 24 hours of release and one of the top six streamed games on Twitch, with more than 5.6 million minutes of live viewing on release day.

Jim Tsai, CEO of Snail, said that thanks to the continuous efforts of the Studio Wildcard development team, the Ark community can expect a more immersive and simplified gaming experience. "We're excited about the journey ahead and can't wait for players to experience the next stage of adventure in the Ark universe. "

According to Snail Games, Ark: Survival Ascension's Steam release is just "the beginning of a future journey." It's worth noting that the console version of the game will be released later in November, but the Xbox version has been postponed three times, and it's unclear when it will be released.

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