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Home video industry ushered in a new heavyweight: Dopper doopoo X3

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With the improvement of living standards, more and more young people are looking forward to building their own home cinema at home. After work, you can shield yourself from outside interference and enjoy an immersive movie-watching experience at home, or have a happy get-together with three or five friends.

With the popularization of more and more product lines and prices, simple home theaters can be realized more easily and become more popular in more family spaces. As an important part of it, the player is the guarantee of higher picture quality and sound quality. Now, Dopper doopoo X3 intelligent media player is about to meet with you. As the main force of audio-visual effect, can its appearance solve many pain points that users are facing right now? Can you let everyone's experience please climb to another high-rise building?

When it comes to players, you have to mention the OPPO Blu-ray machine. As early as 2008, OPPO launched the DV-983H HD DVD player with built-in high-end video processing chip, with 7.1channel digital decoding capability, became the first DVD machine to win the US authority Benchmark evaluation score of 100.


Then OPPO launched the BDP-83SE Blu-ray machine, which has achieved a qualitative leap in sound quality. This Blu-ray machine is the beginning of OPPO to win the sound quality. Under the vigorous research and development of OPPO, in order to take into account the improvement of sound quality and picture quality, OPPO UDP-205 was born in 2017. it is a 4K HiFi audio and video player, a dual driver of experience and technology, making the audio-visual experience a leading level in the industry. there is almost no enthusiast who does not know its name. since then, countless die-hard fans have been saddened by the news that the product has stopped production.


Before the legend of OPPO Blu-ray machine, many users already have a set of standards in mind before choosing a player. With the development of science and technology and the prevalence of streaming media, we have a more subdivided demand for intelligent media players.

The hardware configuration should be able to play.

For ash-level enthusiasts, the gimmick of the product is not as direct as showing the strength of the hardware. People are most concerned about whether the chip can be played or not. As the core brain of the whole player, its parameters represent the key points of whether the player is fast, the flow is not smooth, and whether the data transmission and processing efficiency is high.

One of the selling points of Dopper doopoo X3 is 8K hard decoding. In order to achieve 8K resolution, we must first carry a professional 8K chip, combined with image decoding and processing technology to improve picture quality. The biggest difference between hard solution and soft solution is that hard solution supports chip direct decoding, which has the advantage of faster speed and higher definition. Nowadays, with the popularity of streaming media, video and audio formats are becoming more and more diverse, which challenges the player's ability to encode and decode. Whether it can play network video and whether it supports multi-format codec has also become the scope of users' investigation of the ability of Dopper doopoo X3.

With the gradual popularization of lossless sound quality, the audio decoding ability of the player has also become one of the focuses of enthusiasts. More professional audio decoders can provide strong technical support for lossless, low-noise, high sound quality, and bring better audio-visual experience for users.

The size of memory is also critical. The larger the memory, the greater the data running space, the faster the data transfer, and the smaller the read and write latency. At present, the memory of the household ordinary TV box is 2G+16G, which can no longer meet the needs of some users, such as multi-task processing, multi-data access and processing, multi-application installation and so on. Xiaobian said that the pressure is now on Dopper doopoo X3.

Software optimization should be strong

The optimization of the software is directly related to everyone's experience, such as whether it will be stuck when connecting Nas to play the original file, choosing subtitles, whether it is smooth when cutting audio tracks, and so on. These are some of the problems that users have encountered more or less in the process of use. although they are not fatal, they may also be the last straw to crush the camel.

Audio-visual experience should be extreme.

At present, the highest resolution of mainstream video websites has reached 4K, indicating that everyone's pursuit of visual experience is constantly improving, not only in HD and ultra-definition, but also in the pores on the actors' faces. Until the appearance of 8K resolution, it has been improved by four times on the basis of 4K. In other words, in the same area of the picture, the pixel point of 8K is four times that of 4K, which can show more and clearer details. For users who want to build home theater, 8K can bring you more extreme visual enjoyment.

In addition, fans are also concerned about whether there is Dolby audio and video technology and whether the frame rate can be accurately output. Friends who have experienced Dolby Cinema should know that the color contrast of the picture under Dolby horizon technology is higher, and the image of each frame is more vivid and real compared with HDR. Dolby horizon technology also needs powerful processing engine and data conversion algorithm behind it. Frame rate matching is related to whether the video will stop during viewing, whether the picture is shadowed or not, the flow is not smooth and so on. At present, conventional frame rates include 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps, 120fps, while the original frame rates of some movies are 23.976fps, 29.97fps, 59.94fps and so on. If you can achieve point-to-point accurate matching output, you can ensure a more smooth and silky viewing experience.

Expand the function in an all-round way

In addition to the most intuitive audio and video experience, we also have a variety of expectations for the expansion of the player. For example, the problem of film source, now mainstream video platforms have opened the mode of no members and no resources, and some people may have to recharge multi-platform members in order to watch their favorite movies. If a player has its own genuine movie library, it is undoubtedly an additional item. Some music enthusiasts will pay special attention to its music data matching ability, such as whether they can classify their local playlists through intelligent management, and whether they support some personalized custom functions.

In view of the above pain points and difficulties, Dopper doopoo officials said that this is not a thing, so in the end Dopper doopoo X3 how to take the move steadily? Let's look forward to the latest launch of Dopper doopoo X3 on November 23. Interested friends can search doopoo on Wechat and follow official account for more details.

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