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Coolpad phone embraces open source Hongmeng and successfully connects to OpenHarmony v3.2.2 on Spreadtrum T606 platform.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens, soft Media New Friends 2022137, Department of my A D clue delivery! news on November 21, since the advent of OpenHarmony, it has received widespread attention from all walks of life. At present, the OpenHarmony ecosystem is in full swing.

The Coolpad technical team announced that it has successfully connected the OpenHarmony system to the Spreadtrum platform, which is believed to be an important milestone and marks an important progress in promoting the development of OpenHarmony.

In this project, the Coolpad technical team uses the Spreadtrum T606 platform (Kernel5.4, Android 13). This attempt is mainly about the open source solution (Mesa) adaptation of GPU (Mali-G57). The OpenHarmony version is 3.2.2 Release version, which includes the user-level Mesa 3D library and the kernel layer driver (panfrost), while the GPU adaptation mainly focuses on the Render Service (rendering service) of the framework layer. query found that Spreadtrum T606 uses Mali-G57 GPU, while the third-party Mesa 3D of OpenHarmony v3.2.2 does not support the GPU and needs to be migrated from the upstream version (Mesa 22.2 starting).

Of course, Arm officially provides kbase drivers, but because it is closed and interacts with private so, it cannot be applied to OpenHarmony.

After discussion, the Coolpad team decided that there were three options:

Solution 1: based on the original version, refer to Mesa upstream integration Mali-G57 support

Plan 2: upgrade the Mesa version to at least 22.2 and add OpenHarmony support

Plan 3: directly use the 4. 0 Mesa3d warehouse, 2023.8.30 has been upgraded to 22.4

After many times of debugging and verification, although there are still some defects, the technical team finally succeeded in running OpenHarmony on the platform. Details can be found in the original text of the Coolpad technical team.

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