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1099 yuan Xiaomi intelligent door lock E20 open for pre-sale: with inline C-level lock core, support to connect WiFi

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Wu Yanzu in South China for the delivery of clues! November 21 news, Xiaomi smart door lock E20 WiFi version is now open for pre-sale, the initial price of 1099 yuan ( note: previously raised price of 1049 yuan).

The E20 WiFi version of Xiaomi intelligent door lock adopts straight plug C-level lock core, full body integrated structure design, semi-matte handle texture, high-strength alloy middle frame, front panel IML material with both light and luxury texture and wear resistance.

The E20 WiFi version of Xiaomi intelligent door lock supports connecting to WiFi, remotely viewing logs and alarm alerts through Mi's App, supporting multiple linkage conditions, customizing intelligent scenarios for your own family, and providing 25 triggering conditions for scenarios.

The E20 WiFi version of Xiaomi intelligent door lock supports a variety of unlocking methods, including fingerprint, password, periodic / one-time password, NFC, mobile phone Bluetooth, key, with a fingerprint recognition rate of 99.24% and a recognition speed of 0.5 seconds.

Millet intelligent door lock E20 WiFi version integrates intelligent doorbell, guests visit real-time reminder, at the same time, Mi App will also receive notification, can also be equipped with small love speaker, not as important visitors. Using full detection electronic lock body, door lock abnormal will sense alarm, built-in 4 accurate intelligent sensors, can detect 8 kinds of state, real-time monitoring door false open, long-time unlocked, overtime unlocked and other abnormal state, can be viewed locally and remotely. Built-in Mijia security chip, fingerprints, passwords and other user privacy data, local encrypted storage is not transmitted through the network.

Millet intelligent door lock E20 WiFi version provides 15 months long battery life, power classification reminder, even if exhausted, you can also use mobile power connection external door lock interface emergency power supply. Free warranty for 3 years and free door-to-door installation for the first time. Xiaomi (MI) Xiaomi Intelligent door Lock E20WIFI Xiaomi Intelligent door Lock E20WIFI1399 Yuan Direct Link

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