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"Portal 2" large MOD "Portal:Revolution" will be released on January 5 next year, providing a new mechanism.

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Shulou( Report-- November 21, publisher Second Face Software announced that the "Portal 2" MOD "Portal:Revolution" will be available on Steam on January 5, 2024, and released the trailer, which has been watched by 100000 people in less than 24 hours. notes that "Portal:Revolution" is 99% complete, and visual effects (such as environmental scenes, animations, particles, etc.) still need to be improved. The MOD story, which took place before the Portal 2 incident, contains 40 new puzzles and provides a series of new game mechanisms with an estimated play time of 5-7 hours.

The process of "Portal:Revolution" is the same as that of the original game, starting with simple and fast levels, and the complexity of each room increases over time. Lead developer Stefan Heinz promises that most puzzles revolve around logic rather than speed or operation.

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