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Huawei: the NR transmission system completes the in-orbit test and verification of the LEO regenerated satellite, with the highest downlink throughput 660Mbps and the highest uplink 135Mbps

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens oic123, stone, scissors paper, Ah Hu 667788, soft media new friend 1933769, Mr. Li Yunlong, tourist 170001, cold pig cake, fog and rain smoke, sleepy Xiaoyuan, the clues of selling melons in the back row!, November 21, the first Mingyue Lake Air and Space Information Industry International Ecological event was held in Chongqing on November 20-21. More than 1000 people from 434 domestic and foreign industrial chain enterprises, 67 domestic and foreign institutions, and government departments from Chongqing and other regions gathered together to conspire for the development of air and space information industry.

In addition to a number of important releases and invited reports on the first day of this event, 15 keynote speeches and 4 round-table dialogues will be held to discuss in-depth the important issues of the development of the air and space information industry.

Cao Meng-Aerospace now released a PPT released by Wang Jun, chief scientist of 6G at Huawei Wireless Technology Lab.

▲ source: @ Cao Meng-AerospacePPT shows that the Ka NR transmission system has been tested and verified in orbit on the LEO regenerated satellite, and the highest spectral efficiency is 4.21bps / Hz. ( Note: there are two typical architectures of 5G NTN, namely, transparent transmission mode and regeneration mode. At present, the global equipment manufacturers have begun to carry out a new round of technology and industrial layout around the NTN network. The integration of satellite Internet and terrestrial network system has become a trend. )

According to Huawei's on-orbit test results of reproducing satellite forwarding broadband communication payload, its LEO Leo experimental satellite covers VSAT users (Ka band) and phased array users (Ka band), and the maximum single beam bandwidth can reach 200MHz, which can provide support for satellite-to-ground data transmission, T2T data transmission and other services.

In addition, the throughput of the satellite-to-ground link is also considerable, with the highest downlink throughput of 660Mbps, the highest uplink throughput of 135Mbps, the highest downlink spectral efficiency of 4.21bps / Hz, and the highest uplink 2.7bps / Hz.

▲ Tu Yuan: @ Cao query public data found that "Longjiang 3", the first new system communications test satellite developed by Harbin Institute of Technology, was blasted off from the Jiuquan Satellite launch Center on June 9, 2023, 10:35 aboard a fast boat 1A solid carrier rocket. The satellite successfully entered the scheduled orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. This is also the 22nd satellite successfully launched by the school.

Data show that "Longjiang 3" is China's first flat-plate new system low-orbit broadband communications satellite, jointly developed by Harbin University of Technology and Harbin University of Technology Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. The test satellite breaks through the key technologies such as regenerative low-orbit satellite-to-ground high-speed communication and flat satellite platform, and verifies satellite communication technologies such as direct connection of on-orbit verification terminals, on-board regeneration processing, network function slicing and satellite-to-ground integration communication. a satellite suitable for batch production, automatic assembly and stackable launch is developed to provide technical support for the construction of satellite Internet in China.

Based on the development of the "Longjiang No. 3" test satellite, Harbin University of Technology Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. has formed a kilowatt flat satellite platform suitable for batch production, automatic assembly and stacked launch. it can provide flat plate spectrum services for communications, radar and other satellites, and provide support for the batch manufacturing of satellites and the rapid deployment of large-scale constellations.

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